50 Cent, Lastonia Leviston Sex Tape Lawsuit: Mom Asks Judge To Move Case Amid Rapper’s Bankruptcy

Lastonia Leviston, the woman who won $5 million from 50 Cent in a sex tape lawsuit, is asking to have her invasion-of-privacy case moved forward despite the rapper’s recent filing for bankruptcy.

According to the Associated Press, the Florida mom named Lastonia Leviston filed a motion for relief during 50 Cent’s recent bankruptcy filing.

“The attorney for Lastonia Leviston filed a motion asking a U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Connecticut for relief from an automatic stay issued as a result of Monday’s bankruptcy filing.”

Lastonia Leviston’s accused of 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, for filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to avoid testifying in court on Monday. 50 Cent and Leviston’s recent sex tape lawsuit case, which took place in New York, asked the jury to consider “punitive damages,” according to the report. That same jury ruled on Friday, July 10 that Jackson would have to pay Leviston after releasing a sex tape without her consent.

The five-woman, four-man jury has already seen the sex tape that could cost 50 Cent millions more dollars if he doesn’t pay up. Back in June, jurors on trial saw a 30-second clip of Lastonia Leviston’s sex tape that reportedly made some of them cringe. Details of the sex tape was also released during the trial.

“Leviston has sued 50 Cent for allegedly violating her civil rights and causing her emotional damage by releasing on his website an altered version of what was supposed to be a private sex tape. The video was shot by Leviston’s then-boyfriend Maurice Murray — and it depicted her in skimpy lace panties and a silky top saying, “This is my first movie, hopefully my only movie,” as the 30-second clip got more graphic.

“Fitty, who hasn’t shown up at the legal proceedings, made a brief cameo in the opening seconds of the video as alter ego “Pimpin’ Curly.

“Dressed in a long curly wig, 50 Cent briefly addressed the camera — mocking Leviston in a falsetto voice — while sitting at a vanity table.

“Fitty doctored the video to insert his character in the opening moments of the sex tape, Leviston’s lawyers have said.”

The sex tape includes footage of Lastonia with her ex-boyfriend, rapper Rick Ross, engaging in sexual acts. The tape also features 50 Cent dressing up as “Pimpin’ Curly” and making crude remarks and an expletive narration of the sex tape. In the video, 50 Cent refers to Lastonia as a “b***h” and “h*.” He also described Lastonia’s body parts in graphic detail.

50 Cent ends the video by telling Lastoni, “You a motherf***in’ porn star now.”

The sex tape immediately went viral in March 2009 after 50 Cent uploaded it to his official website. He also shared links of the 13-minute video across social media. Leviston’s sex tape received millions hits within minutes and was uploaded to various adult entertainment sites.

It looks like this case is going to continue to cost 50 Cent some more money. He may have to pay over $400,000 in legal fees with the law firm he hired to defend his case before it went to trial, according to recent court papers. 50 Cent’s defense attorney, Jim Renard, has argued in court that Lastonia has several bikini photos for an escort service and is just going after the rapper’s “deep pockets.”

As for 50 Cent, the rapper has been busy promoting the Jake Gyllenhaal flick, Southpaw, and his Starz hit series, Power. He doesn’t seem too phased by his bankruptcy or the sex tape lawsuit. Lastonia Leviston didn’t make any comments when she was seen leaving court on Monday.

[Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]