WWE News: Why WWE Decided To Change Up Original ‘WWE RAW’ Plans With WWE NXT Divas

In one of the better WWE Diva segments in years, WWE RAW was seemingly invaded by WWE NXT Divas. WWE Principle Owner Stephanie McMahon came out to interrupt a gloating Bella Army to tell them that the WWE Diva’s Division needed some fresh blood. She felt that a revolution needed to start right now seeing that tennis, soccer, and MMA all had powerful female movements in the last few years. WWE needed to be up there with them, and in order to do that the company needed to elevate it’s WWE Diva Division.

Enter NXT Divas Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch. Originally, WWE planned to have simply Charlotte and Sasha Banks come up and work with Paige to take down the Bellas. The change was made recently for Lynch to join them and switch up the story a bit. As we saw on WWE RAW, it appears that WWE is setting up for a few female factions of sorts, which could lead to something in the next few months potentially.

According to Daily Wrestling News, the timetable was moved up with the NXT divas. They were originally scheduled to come up near SummerSlam. The reason for this was the US Women’s National Soccer Team winning the FIFA World Cup last week. The fact that the team is in the news and female movements are beginning in sports means that WWE had to catch that train as well. That meant WWE had to jump on this quicker than they anticipated as well as throw another Diva into it with Lynch.

Bayley was set to potentially be the third girl originally if WWE went that direction. However, the feeling was that she would be better served to be the next NXT Women’s Champion and come up a bit later.

According to PWInsider, WWE management was “absolutely thrilled” with how the Diva segment went down. They probably should be, as it got the world talking about the WWE Diva again. While there are some who are pessimistic on how WWE will use the ladies at this point, seeing as WWE has given us glimmers of hope in the past only to pull the rug out. The idea going in is that WWE knows they need to change up the division to keep up with sports. Since they are “sports entertainment,” they have to go with what is hot and working. Female sports are that right now.

On top of this, NXT has been proving that people want to see women put out fantastic matches on a weekly basis. WWE caught on, and with encouragement from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, it seems Vince McMahon finally folded and is now going to allow the Divas to do something special. Hopefully it remains as good each week with the WWE Divas as it was this past Monday.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]