Andi Dorfman Declines To Talk About Nick Viall’s Hometown Date With Kaitlyn Bristowe

Ever since Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette premiered, previous Bachelorette Andi Dorfman has been live-tweeting every episode, letting her followers know exactly what she’s thinking about what she’s watching on her TV. Andi has even been very vocal about Nick Viall, the runner-up on her season who returned to the show several weeks in to pursue Kaitlyn.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Andi even tweeted that Kaitlyn should “RUN” upon seeing Nick. While Andi has let loose regarding Nick’s interactions with Kaitlyn and the other men, there is one thing that she won’t tweet about: Nick’s family. As the latest episode aired on Monday night, Andi explained why she didn’t tweet about Nick’s hometown date.

Andi explained that she believes that families are off-limits to tweet about since they didn’t sign up for the reality show.

Andi didn’t exactly refrain from talking about Nick’s hometown date completely. At a resort in Utah, Kaitlyn met Nick’s family at the suite that they were staying in. She met his parents and all of his brothers and sisters, including his baby sister Bella. Becca grilled Kaitlyn on whether she’s in love with Nick, to which Kaitlyn responded that she really cares about him. Andi, who also had a memorable time with Bella when she met Nick’s family during her season, tweeted that Bella once again stole the show.

Andi also seemed to respond to Nick telling Kaitlyn, prior to her meeting his family, that when he was on Andi’s season, he doubted whether she was the one for him when it got down to the final two men. He said that this time around, he has no doubts because he’stotally in love with her.”

Andi tweeted that she has “zero regrets” and “zero bitterness.”

During Kaitlyn’s time with Nick’s famly, Andi’s name was brought up several times. Nick’s sister, Olivia, said that she was scared that Kaitlyn was going to blindside Nick like Andi did. Olivia took Kaitlyn aside to question her intentions with Nick. Kaitlyn insisted that her feelings for Nick were genuine. Finding Kaitlyn to be real and authentic, Olivia concluded that she and Nick will make a good couple. Nick also told his mom that he believes his relationship with Kaitlyn to be the real deal and nothing like what happened with Andi.

While Kaitlyn Bristowe had a great time with Nick Viall and his family, she ended up feeling torn between him and Shawn Booth. During Kaitlyn’s subsequent date with Shawn, he confessed to her that he was not just falling in love with her, but has been in love with her for weeks. This confession delighted Kaitlyn, but left her even more confused. The Bachelorette episode ended with her breaking down in her hotel room over the upcoming choice that she would have to make.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]