Melissa Benoist, Blake Jenner Wed In Secret Ceremony – ‘Supergirl’ Had Secretly Married Her ‘Glee’ Co-Star

Supergirl Melissa Benoist and her Glee co-star Blake Jenner had wed in secret and kept their nuptials hidden for several months.

Glee co-stars Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner had secretly tied the knot several months ago, reported U.S. Weekly. The publication’s source confirmed that the nuptials took place in March. Incidentally, it was right at the time Glee aired for the last time and production of Supergirl wrapped up.

The secret was partially out when Melissa had begun to wear a band on the fourth finger of her left hand since April. However, she truly chose to flaunt her wedding ring, a thin silver band, while promoting her upcoming CBS superhero drama at Comic-Con. It wasn’t a closely guarded secret for long because she kept telling people at the annual event that her wedding day had already happened, reported The Daily Mail.

The newlyweds even went frolicking across Europe to celebrate their wedding, and perhaps for their honeymoon as well. However, they did not announce their wedding, despite posting quite a few intimate photos. The wedding was a private family affair with very few members present, shared another source.

Jenner and Benoist met on the set of Glee. Ironically, though their characters were supposed to go on just one and rather awkward date, the couple hasn’t been able peel their eyes off each other since. Since their chance encounter on the set of Glee, the love-struck couple dated for over a year before getting engaged. Incidentally, they chose to keep the news of the engagement hidden as well. Perhaps the couple has a penchant for dramatic revelations.

Even though Glee has had its day, Melissa Benoist has Supergirl to look forward to. She plays the lead character that is actually a close relative to Superman. Having imbibed the same amazing powers of superhuman strength, laser vision and of course flight, Supergirl can and does everything Superman is capable of doing, with an added dose of femininity, charm, and grace.

Her human foster parents have taught her to keep her powers hidden, but an unexpected disaster forces her to reveal herself to the world, setting her on the one-way path to heroism. Despite what CBS may claim, it seems the makers of Supergirl haven’t deviated from the original storyline of Superman.

Now that the veil of mystery has been officially lifted, will Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner pull a similar stunt when it’s time for the next big news in their life?

[Image Credit | FameFlynet via OK Magazine]