Hussein Fatal: Body To Be Brought Home To New Jersey – Family Says It Was Never About Fame But Being With His People

Rapper Hussein Fatal will be brought back home for his funeral, confirmed his family members. The rapper died a tragic and untimely death in a car crash this weekend.

Hussein Fatal, the founding member of The Outlawz who gained fame when he collaborated with the late Tupac Shakur, was killed in a car accident on Saturday 11th July. The 38-year-old New Jersey rapper was born Bruce Washington, before he changed his name to suit his profession. Hussein gained notoriety for appearing on ‘Pac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” diss record against The Notorious B.I.G.

However, that is all in the past as the family waits teary-eyed his body to be brought back home for a traditional burial, said Hussein’s elder sister Tammy Perkins-Cross,

“He wasn’t really about the fame, he was about being home with the people who loved him. That was in New Jersey, and that’s why we are bringing him back there.”

Though Hussein was best known for his work with the late Tupac, he had dedicated himself to bring up his own hip hop group The Outlawz. Fatal majorly grew up in Montclair before moving to the big city to claim his fame, reported NJ.

Growing up wasn’t easy for Hussein, shared his sister. Fatal grew up with 12 brothers and sisters in a home on New Street. Though he was never a problem child, he always dreamt of becoming a rapper, added his sister. Following his death, the locality where Hussein grew up has become a makeshift tribute. People have been streaming in all day and fans have been holding candlelight vigils there each night, she said.

“It’s very touching that the neighborhood is embracing him like that. I think they are ready for him to come home.”

Considering the past living conditions of Hussein Fatal it is understandable why members of The Outlawz, have been requesting donations to cover the cost of the funeral.

They have expressed their grief for their fallen comrade and friend on social media

Though the funeral arrangements are yet to begin, his extended family in New Jersey confirmed they expect relatives across the country and fans across the world to attend the last rites, said his sister

“I didn’t even realize the impact he had, or how much he was loved, until people started reaching out to me about his passing.”

Fatal is survived by his three daughters. His mother lives in Pennsylvania and is expected to attend his funeral, shared his sister.

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