Justin Bieber Robbed By Deion Sanders In Epic ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Upset

“Justin Bieber defeated in Lip Sync Battle by Deion Sanders” is definitely not the headline many expected after previous teases of both contenders performances. But that’s the way the audience vote swung in Thursday night’s edition.

The Justin Bieber Vs. Deion Sanders face-off was a highly-anticipated episode for Spike TV, and there was no doubt that the pop icon and NFL icon played to win, which made for a great show that was packed with comic interaction between the pair.

So was Justin Bieber robbed? Inevitably, his fans think so. They made their feelings clear in a tsunami of Twitter messages tagged #LipSyncBattle. But, the greatest indication of the scale of the upset came from Deion, who shared his victor’s championship belt with Justin at the end and declared the result a tie.

For his part, the Biebs said “I think I won,” then smiled when asked by host LL Cool J for his take.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Lip Sync Battle delivered one of its best yet with Deion Sanders and Justin Bieber)

Regardless, great fun seemed to be had by all. On to the performances.

The Canadian heartthrob was the first to take the stage with a campy, emotional rendition of Fergie’s 2007 hit “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Bieber’s caress of Sanders’ cheek drew laughs from the host, audience, and a faux square-up from the NFL star.

“I just fully committed. Full commitment,” the Biebs said after his “Big Girls Don’t Cry” turn.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber gave a sweetly touching performance for his ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ Moment)

Deion, now a CBS Sports and the NFL Network analyst, returned moderate fire with his drop of “Play that Funky Music” by Wild Cherry, which saw some apt interplay with Justin on the “Play that funky music white boy” line, but wasn’t anything special.

Justin pushed back with a hell for leather in a show-stopping rock-out to Ozzy Osbourne’s 1980 hit “Crazy Train.” Decked in a black leather coat, black leather pants, and a black T-shirt, the 21-year-old completed his heavy metal look with black eyeliner, a large crucifix, black nail polish, and a wavy, shoulder-length, black wig.

And the strawberry sauce-filled, fake bat-biting closer? Perfect.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The crooner went full rock star in his bid to win)

Chatting to LL immediately after, Justin obligingly hammed up the moment, saying, “This isn’t about being the best lip sync battler. It’s about being the better rock star — and I am!”

Hall of Famer Sanders hit back with a drag-version of Madonna’s signature 1984 classic “Like A Virgin,” dressed up in a white taffeta dress, various crucifixes, and a blonde wig.

The 47-year-old brought theater to his game, lifting up his skirt while scantily-clad dancers rolled behind him. At one point, he even roped in “Color Commentator,” Chrissy Teigen, on stage.

Our verdict? Deion’s “Like A Virgin” was a good-natured, graceless mess compared to the Biebs’ charismatic showings.

Deion Sanders
(Photo: Deion Sanders’ ‘Like A Virgin’ helped him beat Justin Bieber on Lip Sync Battle)

After Deion’s final spot, Justin gushed, “I can’t lie — it was great. I tried to hate and I can’t even hate, it was just that good.”

Of the win, Sanders later said, “This was so much fun… It was very competitive and I love the show. I loved the experience I just had.” In a shout-out to his conquered adversary he said, “Justin, it was tight. It was close. Now you understand why they call me Prime Time.”

While online chatter reveals many thought the “Where Are Ü Now” singer won the day, the Lip Sync Battle studio audience didn’t, judging by the louder cheers and chants for Deion.

Decision time.

Deion sharing his victor’s belt with Justin before the two got playful trying to take it from each other.

Other show highlights saw the Biebs flirting up a storm with Teigen, who previously told People magazine that “in real life” she was “pretty blown away by him.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Chrissy Teigen gets a kiss from the Biebs)

That led to Teigen’s husband, John Legend, running on stage and pretending to strangle Bieber.

Another example of Deion and Bieber embracing the competitive aspect of the show.

The Twitter snapshot below shows a mix of fans and non-fans reactions to Deion Sanders’ Lip Sync Battle beat down over Justin Bieber last night.

Like we said; robbed. But hey, everyone loves an underdog.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: A pic of the singer in rocker garb for the show taken by longtime hair stylist Florido)

[Images via Spike TV]

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