Ryan Carson Curry: NBA Star Stephen Curry Adds Another Adorable Daughter To The Family

Ryan Carson Curry got her first taste of the spotlight this weekend, but if the newborn daughter of NBA MVP Stephen curry is anything like big sister Riley, it won’t be a problem.

On Friday, Stephen and wife Ayesha welcomed their new daughter, then shared the news with fans online.

Ayesha shared some more information, writing that little Ryan Carson Curry is doing well and that her 2-year-old sister, Riley, is loving the new addition to the family.

“Our beautiful little Ryan Carson Curry arrived perfectly healthy and happy!

She arrived a little early through a quick 3 hour labor and was a small 6lbs 1 oz. I was able to birth her naturally without an epidural. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and was so happy to get through it with the help of my darling husband and amazing doctor. This time around I felt more prepared and was able to take in the entire process. It was a miracle!

Stephen, Riley and I are enjoying this gorgeous gift from God and basking in the present! We are now officially a family of 4! Riley is completely enamored with her little sister and has taken on her role as big sister beautifully. I am already so proud of her!”

Riley Curry is already used to the spotlight herself. After the Golden State Warriors took Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, Stephen brought her along to the podium for his post-game press conference.

She even took part in the press conference, though not exactly on purpose, Us Weekly noted.

“It’s entertaining basketball. We’re both supposed to help our team win and do what we can to impact the game,” Curry said as his daughter interrupted him for talking too loudly. Riley later waved to someone in the press gallery and yawned as she tried to make it through the press conference.

Not everyone was a fan of the moment, as the USA Today reports.

“A few writers, who apparently were worried about making their deadlines (though as former friend of For The Win Adi Joseph points out it was an early game), complained that kids shouldn’t be allowed on the podium because it’s a waste of time, stops their parents from answering tough questions, is a shield, etc etc.”

But with the NBA season over and Stephen Curry leading the Warriors to their first title in 40 years, the deadlines are gone and the attention for his new daughter Ryan Carson Curry is nothing but happy.

[Picture by Stephen Lam / Getty Images]