WWE News: WWE Legend Jim Ross Predicts ‘WrestleMania 32’ Will Be Undertaker’s Last Match

Right around this time of year, the WWE is in full-swing during their big Summer program. Each year, one feud is highlighted among the rest. For example, in 2011, it was the dubbed the “Summer of Punk,” when he won the WWE championship and ended up being involved in one of the most memorable feud in WWE history.

His matches with John Cena were highlighted, and the contract situation he was in became the focal point of the feud on WWE television. Along with the big summer programs are the rumors about WrestleMania. Next year, the 32nd WrestleMania will commence, and the rumors are already beginning to take form.

It’s mostly about who will be the WWE World Heavyweight champion be at that point, if Stone Cold Steve Austin will wrestle, and who the Undertaker will take on in his annual match. As for the Undertaker, his case is always unknown, since his undefeated streak ended at WrestleMania 30.

WWE fans want Sting and the Undertaker to finally wrestle, but there isn’t a lot of logic in that bout anymore. Either way, Jim Ross, legendary WWE announcer, believes that Undertaker’s time in the WWE may be coming to a close.

“I don’t share the feeling that the match has been overlooked. I see Taker perhaps having one more match this year and calling it a career at Wrestlemania Texas.”

Ross could end up correct in this scenario. Undertaker is not getting any younger, and perhaps it’s better to rise off into the sunset on top instead of overstaying his welcome. As for Jim Ross, he’s been in the wrestling news recently. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, he responded to the leaked announcers’ notes.

In short, Ross said that it’s hard getting along with Vince McMahon and that he’s surprised at the fascination of the leaked notes. Ross is right about the latter part. Every announcer has to conform to a style that works, and they work with their producers to perfect it. It doesn’t matter if it’s the WWE or the NBA, every announcer has notes from their producer on things to add or remove during a broadcast.

Will the Undertaker retire at WrestleMania 32? That remains to be seen. If he even competes at the event, then WWE fans won’t know until late-December or in January. This article from What Culture talks about why he should retire at WrestleMania 32. Their justifications are logical. In fact, who would even retire the Undertaker?

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