Mila Kunis: ‘I Can Take A Gun Apart And Put It Back Together Blindfolded.’

Mila Kunis revealed in a recent interview that she is among one of millions of Americans taking an assertive stance on self-defense and home safety. Mila admitted that she does keep firearms in the home she shares with her new husband, Ashton Kutcher, and their 9-month-old baby daughter, Wyatt.

"I will say this: we have a gun at the house. But would I give it to my daughter as a gift at 15? No," Kunis said. "I can take a gun apart and put it back together blindfolded."

As Ms. Kunis discussed her views on firearms ownership and responsible gun handling, Mila made it clear that her first priority was the safety of her daughter. Ms. Kunis expressed views that revealed her concern in keeping young Wyatt safe from possible assaults, but Kunis also showed concern in keeping her child safe from the guns themselves.

"My child shouldn't be as well trained as us, nor should she know there is a weapon in the house—ever," added Ms. Kunis. "But I respect the gun. My husband grew up in Iowa, and is from a hunting family. He's worked with rifles his whole life."

Mila Kunis was stalked as recently as 2013 by a man named Stuart Lynn Dunn, and the actress revealed that Dunn hasn't been the only obsessive fan to have influenced her opinion of gun control.

"I probably wouldn't have the gun if I didn't have stalkers or people constantly trying to break into my house," Mila said.

Speaking of her home life, Ms. Kunis casually revealed that she had indeed wed Kutcher, as was reported recently, referring to him as her husband, while praising his hands-on manner of dealing with events.

"My husband is an incredibly hands-on dad," Mila said of Ashton. "When my child was born, I was breast-feeding and he said, 'That's your connection. I want to change every diaper.' When we're in public, if it's a pee-pee diaper, you can change her at the table, but if it's a poo-poo diaper, you don't want to affect the people eating. So he's like, 'Err, I guess I'm going to the ladies' room to do it.'"

Kutcher has recently become involved with a campaign to have gender-neutral baby-changing facilities installed at restaurants and public buildings.

Parenthood has changed the views of both Kutcher and Ms. Kunis. Mila revealed that she has never been as concerned with privacy as she has been since bringing Wyatt into the family.

"I think when you are a young actor couple you are screwed," Kunis said. "It got to a stage where I couldn't leave the house. I love what I do, but the reality is that my privacy is gone."

[Featured image: Mila Kunis courtesy of David Buchan/Getty Images]