Sweetgreen: The Eatery That Might Rival Chipotle In Popularity

There’s a eatery that’s making the news called Sweetgreen, and CNN Money says it might be as popular as Chipotle one day.

Indeed, the popular chain of restaurants called Sweetgreen certainly puts forth a delicious looking presence on social media — and makes one see why Sweetgreen is beloved by many. Fpunded in 2007, Sweetgreen’s vision involves providing good food for a great price to others seeking healthy options.

Apparently the dream is working, with the Sweetgreen founders believing that not just rich people should be the only ones who can afford to eat healthy. The reason Sweetgreen is being compared to the uber-popular Chipotle chain is because of the way customers can get healthy eats fresh to order as they move through a line and order what they’d like.

While Starbucks may have their Starbucks Evenings, which will feature beer, wine, and appetizers — as reported by the Inquisitr — Sweetgreen has their soups, salads, rice and grain bowls.

Sweetgreen is more than salads and bowls, however. Their produce is gleaned from local sources as the Sweetgreen restauranteurs can source it, and the menu changes with the seasons. The unique decor of the eateries have won raving fans as much as their food has done so.

Noting that it can be easier to find fast food burgers than healthy fare, the Sweetgreen founders — who opened the first Sweetgreen in Washington D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood — look forward to continued growth. Their 31 eateries already pepper the Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and D.C. areas, with plans to open more Sweetgreen eateries in San Francisco and other cities.

Sweetgreen reportedly pays some workers $10.15 per hour with free Sweetgreen meals each shift. The cost of a Sweeetgreen meal is approximately $10. Social media has done a lot to spread the word of mouth about Sweetgreen, along with delicious looking photos of their meals online.

[Image via Twitter]