Denis Leary Talks About ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ Plot Ideas

Actor Denis Leary talked about TheAmazing Spider-Man 3 during a recent interview at Comic-Con.

The funny thing is that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is apparently no longer being made.

That “hiccup” apparently did not stop Leary from sharing a little insight about the third movie – expressing one of the directions that the crew initially considered before the plug was pulled, according to Spider-Man News.

“Possibly in 3, there was this idea at one point that Spider-Man would be able to take this formula and regenerate the people in his life that had died. So, there was this discussion that Captain Stacy would come back even bigger in episode 3.”

Denis Leary made his first appearance as Captain Stacy in the 2012 film, The Amazing Spider-Man. Although he was killed by the Lizard towards the end of the movie, Denis Leary returned as Captain Stacy in the second film through flashbacks and hallucinations. Gwen Stacy, his daughter and Peter Parker’s love, died in the second film due to the actions of another one of Spider-Man’s villainous foes.

Therefore, it would make perfect sense for Peter to deal with that emotional burden during the third film of the trilogy. However, that story apparently hit its dead end at the end of the second film and is currently being rebooted for the second time.

As previously reported by multiple sources, the cinematic world of Spider-Man and friends has been shifted in a completely different direction.

Instead of continuing under the Sony umbrella with Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man has reportedly swung his way over to Marvel with a brand new leading man to play Peter Parker – Impossible actor Tom Holland.

Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man #marvel #spiderman #tomholland

— JS (@jspiderman23) July 12, 2015

Instead of Sally Field, multiple reports claim that Oscar-winning actress Marisa Tomei could play Aunt May in the new Spider-Man film. That type of move would make Marisa the third woman to play Aunt May on the big-screen since the Sam Raimi-directed trilogy first premiered in 2002.

However, the fact that Denis Leary talked about The Amazing Spider-Man 3 at Comic-Con might please fans and critics that enjoyed the second installment of the Marc Webb-directed franchise.

Are you excited to see the new Spider-Man in action? Will you miss watching Denis Leary as Captain Stacy?

[Image Credit: Quiz Me]