‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ Collector’s Edition, Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

EA and DICE have announced a Collector’s Edition for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, along with pre-order bonuses for fans who want to secure their copy of the game at launch.

The $199.99 USD suggested retail price may seem unwarranted given the minimalist design of the Collector’s Edition goods; however, upon closer inspection that price tag might be considered acceptable and perhaps even low. Why? The extraordinarily detailed 14-inch Faith figure. Whether exclusive to a limited edition game bundle or a booth a Comic-Con, highly-detailed figures and figurines that are made in limited in quantities often range from $50 to $100 USD on their own.

In addition to the limited nature of the figure is the scarcity of Faith figures in general. Mirror’s Edge fans looking to add Faith to their desk or display case have not had a lot of options until the announcement of this Collector’s Edition. Not only are there currently not many Faith figures on the market, this one in particular showcases the character as both a child and an adult. It’s artistic, unique, and limited — all hallmarks of a valuable collectible.

According to the official Mirror’s Edge Catalyst website, Faith’s representation in the Collector’s Edition is reflective of her story in the upcoming game.

“The Collector’s Edition was made to help foster player’s affinity with our heroine, Faith, as she grows up and makes a stand against oppression, represented by a beautiful adult and young Faith real life diorama that stands 14 inches tall. Players can also join Faith’s fight as part of the runner’s group in the city of Glass with temporary tattoos, or go behind-the-scenes to see more about the game’s creation through concept art and an exclusive lithograph.”

The artwork included consists of a set of 10 concept art postcard-sized cards and the and exclusive lithograph, but actual visuals of the concept art pieces and the lithograph have yet to be unveiled. The Collector’s Edition also comes with an exclusive Steelbook game case and a collectible box to store all the goodies.

Those looking to pre-order the physical standard edition of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst receive either the Standard Runner Kit or Combat Runner Kit downloadable content pack, depending on the retailer. Both content packs are given to those who pre-order the digital download version.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is scheduled for a worldwide release on February 23, 2016. It will be playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.

[Images courtesy EA]