Ray Comfort’s ‘Audacity’ Ratings Headed For Record Lows As He Begs For Positive Reviews

Ray Comfort’s Audacity ratings demonstrate that he learned nothing from the debacle last year with Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas. If you missed it, Cameron begged Facebook followers to give the movie positive reviews, and his plea was quickly reposted on Reddit — where users hurried to sites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes to balance out any ratings that might’ve come from Cameron’s post. The negative ratings from Reddit users combined with ratings from others, and the movie became officially the lowest-rated of all time, both on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Now Comfort’s new movie, Audacity, appears to be headed in the same direction.

Audacity, unlike many of the new Christian-centered movies that have seen success lately, doesn’t have a cast of well-known stars. It wasn’t released in theaters, or even direct-to-tv on an inspirational channel. Instead, it was released online-only, and it runs less than an hour. Despite this, as ratings soared downward Friday, Ray Comfort declared a conspiracy.

Saying that the movie was under attack by atheists, Comfort asked followers to go to IMDb, and give the movie positive reviews.

They did — at the time of this publication, Audacity has 88 reviews on IMDb. About 48 of them are positive, with between eight and 10 stars. The rest of the reviews are all single-star, and tend to list poor acting and an anti-gay message as their reasons. However, the movie has far more than 88 ratings (1,026), and those are less-evenly divided. In fact, the overall rating for Audacity is two stars out of ten. Granted it isn’t as low as Cameron’s disaster last year, but Ray Comfort’s film may be on its way there.

Anti-gay? Well, the central theme of Audacity appears to be that the most loving thing one can do for one’s LGBT friends is to tell them that they’re living a life of sin and are going to Hell. It stands to reason that in an America where a majority now support gay rights, this might not go over well.

Ray Comfort is continuing to promote the movie on his Facebook page, adding an app that will paste the word ‘Audacity’ across a user’s profile photo. However, it’s clear that the film is a flop.

Audacity ratings on IMDb are low and falling, but what about ratings on Rotten Tomatoes? The site hasn’t even acknowledged the movie’s existence on its bare-bones Ray Comfort page.

Despite a two-star rating and a run time of less than an hour, Ray Comfort’s Audacity is still $19.99 to download — which might be relevant to the title.

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