Will Amy Schumer Be The Next Star Of ‘The Bachelorette’?

Speculation continues to grow on whether Amy Schumer will star on a future season of The Bachelorette. Now, Jennifer Lawrence, known for her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, suggested at Comic-Con that a Kickstarter be created to put Schumer onto the show. The news caused Schumer to post a video on Twitter of Lawrence’s remark.


Schumer has already made an appearance on The Bachelorette, where she unabashedly made fun of J.J., a contestant from the 2015 spring season.

“J.J.’s a sweetheart. He’s just missing like charisma, and humility and sense of humor. But other than that he’s like, basically, you should hire him as the next bachelor. Maybe when he sees the show he’ll reflect on himself and not be such a turd.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Schumer professed her fandom for The Bachelorette and described her recent appearance on the show.

“Huge fan of the show and the producers reached out and asked if I’d be on there. I feel like I’m too close to the show, I have too many thoughts, I can’t go in. They told me, they whispered, who it was going to be. Well, I love Kaitlyn! And so I went down and helped a sister out, weed out some of the turds, as I called J.J. — I’ve never called someone a turd before.”

Schumer was then asked if she’d consider being the bachelorette. Schumer answered it would take a lot of money and she’d have to be allowed to be herself. Additionally, Schumer expressed issues with the casting system.

“The casting process would have to be different. First of all, their job descriptions are so weird, ‘former investment banker’? They’re like, ‘flower enthusiast,’ you’re like, what do you do? How come you could leave your life? I love when it’s like, ‘I have five kids at home, but I just like came here to follow my heart.’ You’re like, maybe go take care of your kids. I would keep it very real and I don’t know if that’s good for that show.”

Schumer’s comedy regularly touches on the themes of romance, sex, dating, and the difficulties women face in mainstream culture. Schumer’s awareness on the plight of women in pop culture and her upfront attitude would make The Bachelorette all the more refreshing. The female comedian has laid out her terms, now the ball’s in ABC’s court.

[Photo via Jemal Countess/Getty Images]