‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Grants New Era For Younger Cast Of Mutants

X-Men: Apocalypse had a huge showing at Comic-Con.

Fox played a new trailer for the upcoming film directed by Bryan Singer. Fox put the cast of X-Men: Apocalypse alongside the casts of it’s other upcoming Marvel Comics films, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, Wolverine 3, and Gambit. The Daily Beast described how the new X-Men film was the highlight of the panel.

But first, X-Men: Apocalypse will attempt to breathe cinematic life into one of the X-Men’s most sinister adversaries. As for if this will be a successful attempt at birthing a cinematic Apocalypse or not, we will have to wait for the more developed trailers that are likely to appear as shooting progresses. This younger set of X-Men, based on the team we were introduced to in X-Men: First Class and further developed in X-Men: Days of Future Past is set to carry the torch by themselves this time around. I don’t see any sign of the older X-Men team members.

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Some of the X-Men have new looks. If you are familiar with the comics, Storm is sporting the look she had for a time in the 80s, a punk rocker with an awesome white mohawk of flowing Goddess hair, along with exposed arms. And Jean Grey is back. In fact, she was the first one seen in the trailer played during Comic-Con. This time she’s played by Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner.

Apocalypse, or what we see of him here, is less reminiscent of the brutal, cold, hulking figure people are used to from the comic books. But this is just some early footage. It’s possible they will achieve the effect as production continues. Channing Tatum is set to star in a Gambit solo film in October, 2016, but seeing him at Comic-Con walk out at the last minute for a photo makes you wonder if he’s set to do something sooner than that. It’s possible he will show up in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Aside from the upcoming film, the previous X-Men film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, is getting The Rogue Cut. The new version is coming straight to DVD. Director Bryan Singer had a lot of time to think about how he would add in scenes of Rogue that were cut from the theatrical version. The new version will get a July 14 release. Maybe it will be enough to hold over fans who are probably already in line, waiting for the next X-Men adventure in movie theaters.

Speculation exists as to why Stan Lee showed up during the Fox event for a group selfie. Due to Marvel wanting back control of their characters from Fox, some would wonder if Stan Lee supports Fox’s handling of Marvel properties. Perhaps Stan is showing support for all of his beloved superheroes regardless of which company owns the rights. Despite what Stan thinks, everything will depend on the fans if X-Men: Apocalypse and all the upcoming Fox films using Marvel characters are to do well.

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