One Direction: Seaworld Criticism Gains Speed, PETA Praises Harry Styles

Leigh Egan

In the midst of the North American leg of their On the Road Again (OTRA) tour, One Direction is also taking on Action2015, a charity project that they hope brings a positive change to the world. It seems that Harry Styles' hope is to help the dolphins, much to the pleasure of PETA.

Last week, 21-year-old Styles was captured on video requesting that people stop visiting SeaWorld for the sake of the dolphins. Styles, who has more than 20 million followers on Twitter, has started a trend that's being shared by both fans and fellow musicians: #DontgotoSeaworld.

"It's no surprise that Harry Styles knows what young people care about–they love animals, and they hate businesses that hurt them, like SeaWorld's orca prisons do. PETA hopes that One Direction's devoted fans will join the thousands of people around the world who are calling on SeaWorld to retire the orcas to coastal sanctuaries."

Yet, clever One Direction fans didn't disappoint. They created several creative vines of Styles, showcasing his signature water spitting during concert clips, indicating that SeaWorld is useless when you have your own Styles to perform the same moves, yet without caging animals.

"The boys are right. We need everyone's help to get the planet moving in the right direction."

[Photos Courtesy of Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images]