Alberto Randazzo: Pedophile NYPD Cop Watched Grandma Molest 8-Year-Old Boy On Skype, Charges Say

Alberto Randazzo, a 15-year-veteran of the New York City Police Department who was making almost $100,000 year as a Metro North cop, was busted in 2013 on charges that he held online video chats with a woman in which he instructed her on how to sexually molest her 1-year-old baby son — and the woman did as he asked.

This week, though Randazzo, 39, has been held in custody since his second arrest in February of last year, he now faces a new charge — along with a second woman who, an indictment charges, sexually abused an 8-year-old boy during a Skype chat with Randazzo as he egged her on.

According to a report in the Attleboro Sun Chronicle newspaper, 52-year-old grandmother Jenny Lemay of Attleboro, Massachusetts, was arrested by federal agents last Monday and charged with conspiracy to sexually exploit a child.

Lemay admitted drugging the child so he would not resist as she molested him for Randazzo’s entertainment. According to the report, she also confessed to molesting the boy on repeated occasions while chatting online with Randazzo, including simulating sexual intercourse with the child.

The boy was not identified. Authorities said only that Lemay had “regular access” to him and that he stayed overnight at her home. The investigators charge that Lemay and Randazzo engaged in online chats between July 2011 and April 2012 in which they frequently discussed sexually abusing children.

Lemay sent a text message to the former cop, saying that the 8-year-old was “one horny boy.” She also sent Randazzo a photo of her own exposed breasts, according to the charges, to which Randazzo replied, “Omg, now I know why (he) is in love with them.”

The charges against Lemay stem from an ongoing search through files found on Randazzo’s computers and phones, which were seized by federal authorities following his arrest.

The search turned up chats between Randazzo and “a number of women” all relating to the sexual abuse of children.

Also arrested last year was Keira Norton, 44, who then lived in Colorado, after investigators found videos of Norton molesting her own baby son, following Randazzo’s instructions to “put your hand inside of his diaper,” “talk dirty to him,” and to “play with his b***s.”

Alberto Randazzo was arrested in February 2014 on charges that he downloaded child pornography while out on bail from his initial arrest. He is currently suspended without pay by the NYPD. Investigators say there is no evidence that Randazzo had any contact with the children in the videos or traveled to meet the women who allegedly molested kids on Randazzo’s instructions.

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