Sofia Vergara Celebrates Her Birthday With Joe Manganiello And Family

Sofia Vergara celebrates her birthday with Joe Manganiello, friends, and family in style, and to prove it, she posted envy-worthy pictures on Instagram.

The 43-year-old Modern Family star showed fans what glamourous birthdays look like on Friday, July 10. Sofia Vergara wore a bright yellow dress, but what really turned heads was the t-shirt she wore over it, according to People. As it turns out, Sofia Vergara celebrates her birthday with Joe Manganiello and a double of his famous abs. The Magic Mike star’s shirtless picture was on the t-shirt, but in the form of a centaur.

Sofia Vergara celebrates her birthday with Joe Manganiello and family with emphasis placed on her as the birthday girl, as it turns out. Vergara sipped from a chalice like a proper birthday princess, and she wore a pink sash which read “Birthday Princess,” according to Us Weekly. Sofia wore a tiara that was perfect for her birthday princess theme.

Two photos on Instagram showed Vergara in the white T-shirt with Manganiello on it depicted as a shirtless centaur.

Sofia Vergara has been engaged to Joe Manganiello since December, 2014. The two had an engagement party in May, 2015, in West Hollywood, California.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Sofia Vergara’s son, Manolo, gave her the sparkly chalice, which read “Birthday Girl,” as a birthday gift. On Instagram, Vergara credited her 21-year-old son from a previous marriage for the gift and thanked him.

What’s a birthday party without music? Sofia didn’t just have any music. She had a full mariachi band at her birthday party.

Lucky for Sofia’s fans, she posted the highlights of her party to her Instagram page. Fans could see her three-layer birthday cake, drool over her 38-year-old fiance, Joe Manganiello, and take peeks of her birthday night.

To end the festivities for the fans, Sofia Vergara posted, “Thank u all for all those amazing bday messages!! Luv uuuu❤️❤️ goodnight.”

Now that fans know Sofia Vergara celebrates her birthday in style and isn’t hesitant to share the night with them, they will no doubt be looking forward to next year, when Sofia Vergara celebrates her birthday with Joe Manganiello and family. Manganiello may be Vergara’s husband by this time next year, although they have not revealed a wedding date.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images Entertainment]