Elle Macpherson Bikini: 51, Fit & Fab Model Mom Of 2 Credits Sugar-Free Alkaline Diet & Exercise [Video]

Elle Macpherson, body bared in a bikini, looks fabulous at 51. The supermodel is enjoying swimming with her husband Jeffrey Soffer in the waters of Monaco, and that yacht demonstrates the billionaire’s money power, reported the Daily Mail.

Known as “The Body,” Elle has no fears about flaunting her figure. Most recently, Macpherson dared to don an uber-bright yellow bikini to demonstrate that 51 is the new 31.

The supermodel and billionaire married in 2013, and they eloped, reported People.

“Jeff and Elle eloped[because] they wanted to keep it a secret,” revealed a source. “They are very happy and head over heels in love.”

Macpherson’s first marriage was to photographer Gilles Bensimon. She and Soffer were together for two years, broke up, and then reunited.

Elle has two young boys, whose father is Arpad Busson. When she married Jeffrey, Flynn was 15, and Cy was 10.

But Macpherson has had no problems maintaining that bikini body. And now, at 51, she credits her alkaline diet, reported Body and Soul.

“I noticed changes in just two weeks: I had more vitality, my skin wasn’t dry, I stopped craving sugar, my mood stabilized, everything became more balanced. A welcome by-product was losing weight around my middle,” revealed Elle.

Her diet calls for an 80/20 ratio of alkaline to acid foods.

And Macpherson also revealed that she believes in taking a supplement called the Super Elixir, reported Vogue.

“It’s really simple: eat vegetables, fruits and lean protein, a little bit of dark chocolate – if that’s what you like – and lots of water. Nothing too extreme; it’s all about balance and trying a little bit every day. I always eat three meals a day and two snacks, and some of my favourite foods at the moment are: spinach, beetroot, goats’ cheese, pearl barley, kale, quinoa, pine nuts, halloumi cheese and I do eat fish but no red meat or chicken.”

For exercise, Elle works out 45 minutes daily, and goes for variety.

“Every morning, I do 45 minutes of exercise or body work or stretching – or I might do a business call while walking briskly around the park. That’s ‘me time’ to focus on my wellbeing and if you don’t slot it in, it often doesn’t get done,” she pointed out.

As the Inquisitr reported, Kelly Ripa also follows an alkaline-rich diet.

“It’s an antacid, like high-alkaline cleanse, and it has changed my life. And I swear, I think it’s responsible for me not being in pain,” revealed Ripa.

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]