‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer: Wonder Woman & Lois Lane Show Up, Batman & Superman Face-Off

Patricia Didelot - Author

Jul. 12 2015, Updated 6:06 a.m. ET

An epic Batman v Superman trailer was released by Warner Bros. during the San Diego Comic-Con, and one of the noteworthy things is that Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Lois Lane (Amy Adams) make their first appearance, while Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) face-off to air their differences.

A furious Batman wants to find Superman and face him after the destructive battle between the Red Caped superhero and villain General Zod (Michael Shannon). In the new Batman v Superman trailer, he finds his man, and things are not pretty.

The awesome trailer was introduced by director Zack Snyder to a packed house,at the San Diego Comic-Con in the legendary Hall H Saturday. If you thought the first Batman v Superman trailer was awesome, you have seen nothing yet.

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From several comments made by Snyder and Affleck himself, we know that Batman is not a Superman fan. Especially after it is explained that his human persona, Bruce Wayne, witnesses first hand the destruction brought about by that controversial last fight in Man of Steel, where buildings were toppled and people died.

The Batman v Superman trailer also gave us a first look at Wonder Woman, portrayed by Gal Gadot, and Amy Adams reprising her role as Lois Lane, Superman’s love interest. Lois is still firmly supporting Superman, and we see Wonder Woman entering the fray and kicking some butt also.

After the events of Man of Steel, humans embrace Superman, and their adoration transforms him into a god-like being in their eyes. However, his human persona, Clark Kent, is still struggling with the consequences of his actions, where he kills — or so we thought — General Zod, who is apparently not dead like we believed, and so he goes to his mother, Martha Kent (Diane Lane), for advice.

Bruce Wayne is livid, and even though this time around he is older than other Dark Knight versions, he is ready to come after the alien who has turned his world upside down and hurt people he cares about.

We also caught a glimpse of Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor), who appeared rather prominently throughout the Batman v Superman trailer, a sign that perhaps he is a very relevant character in the film.

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But the most noteworthy thing in the clip is the epic confrontation between Batman and Superman, who use all the powers to their avail when they finally face-off in the movie. We will get the opportunity to witness how exactly Batman will survive a battle with Superman when he finally gets a hold of him. Watch the Batman v Superman trailer below.

[Image via Warner Bros.]


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