‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Results For ‘BB17’ Are Out, Eviction Ceremony Could Be Exciting

Big Brother 17 spoilers for Week 3 now include the Veto results. The BB17 house saw the Veto competition take place on Saturday (July 11), and it will cause a shift in the nominees facing eviction on Thursday (July 16). As previously reported by the Inquisitr, solo Head of Household Vanessa Rousso already had a plan in place before the competition took place. She was trying to get James Huling (the first HOH of the season) evicted and had the other people competing already on her side. A report from fan site Big Brother Network has come out Saturday night that breaks down how it all progressed.

James had to know that he needed to win the Week 3 Veto to stand a realistic chance at remaining in the BB17 house. It didn’t turn out in his favor. Instead, John McGuire (the dentist) ended up winning yet another Veto competition. John is the other nominee for eviction this week, so he now has the option to take himself off the block. Vanessa had already planned on trying to get John to not use the Veto, but it would be a bad move if he doesn’t.

Now the weekend will hit, and Vanessa will likely internally debate the next best move for her game. There are more Big Brother 17 spoilers coming before the next episode airs, as the Veto ceremony is going to put another houseguest at risk of going home. If James had won the Veto, Vanessa planned on nominating Jeff Weldon (from The Amazing Race) as his replacement. It might now make sense for her to put him up against James instead.

If the two Week 3 eviction nominees are James Huling and Jeff Weldon, it’s difficult to predict which one will go home next. The BB17 house is pretty split, but it still seems as though Jeff and James are on the same side. It means that there could be an interesting and possibly drama-filled week of campaigning ahead. Vanessa could also go with nominating Audrey Middleton, which is what some people in the Big Brother house already thought was going to happen. If Audrey is on the block, she will likely get voted out.

The Veto competition gave show producers something to keep fans very interested in the live feeds for the rest of the weekend. Everyone not named John McGuire or James Huling is going to be meeting with Vanessa Rousso to make sure they aren’t getting nominated. Stay tuned fans, because more Big Brother 17 spoilers are coming before the weekend is out.

[Image Source CBS Big Brother Press Kit]