Did MMA Fighter Wu Ze Just Pull Off The Craziest Low Blow In MMA History? [Video]

Despite what some people say, there are rules and regulations in MMA. Fighters must follow these rules during fights or face consequences. Jon Jones is a prime example of an MMA fighter suffering for breaking the rules. During his fight against Matt Hamill back in 2009, Jones kept using 12-to-6 elbows to a downed Hamill, even after multiple warnings from the referee. As a result, the fight was stopped in and Jones lost via disqualification, which so happens to be the only loss to sully his record of 22 fights.

The aforementioned move used by Jon Jones is just one of many moves banned in MMA. Punts or knees to the head of a downed opponent, eye gouging, and biting are also on the list. For this report however, the illegal move that must be recognized are low blows (shots to the groin). When most people think of low blows, it is usually in the form of a swift kick. Not very interesting right? However, MMA fighter Wu Ze actually performed a low blow that is out of this world. This brings up the question if Ze’s low blow is the craziest one ever in MMA history.

According to Fox Sports Australia, Wu Ze was fighting Wu Hui Quang in the ONE Championship promotion. Halfway through the second round (assuming they are five minutes long), Ze had Hui Quang where he wanted him: submissively lying on the ground. Ze took some royalties with some leg kicks but it would be the move he performs, as shown in the video below, that would be the coup de grâce.

It looks like Wu Ze performs a front/side flip transitioning it into a double-foot stomp. Unfortunately for Ze (more so for Wu Hui Quang), his feet made contact to the lower extremities of his opponent resulting in a low blow. Still, the low blow may have happened on accident, just like most low blows are in MMA — unless the fighter is a terrible person. Total Pro Sports did say the side flip stomp wasn’t exactly the most direct path from stance to testicular stomp, as Ze was aiming for the body or the head. Not the groin.

Eventually, Wu Ze won the fight in the second round via submission. The MMA community however believes the fight was already over when Ze connected with “the craziest low blow” in MMA history thus far.

[Image via ONE Championship Screen Capture]