Duggar Videos: Jessa Seewald’s Husband Discusses Past Battles With ‘Self-Harm’ [Video]

The Duggar family is slowly increasing their social media presence after the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, and it appears that newlywed Jessa Seewald is leading the way. Jessa is an avid social media user and recently began uploading videos to her new personal Youtube account. In a recent video, Jessa’s husband Ben Seewald sits down to answer a question about forgiveness and self-harm. Surprisingly, Ben admits that he has practiced self-harm in the past and encourages those who are experiencing similar guilt to turn their problems over to Christ.

In the video uploaded to Jessa Seewald’s account, Ben Seewald sits down with friend Jeremy Vuolo to answer a viewer’s question about moving past guilt. The question involves a fan named Alex who has struggled with self-harm and moving past personal guilt. The duo offer up advice in scripture as well as providing insight based on personal experiences. Ben notes that self-harm can come in many different forms. He says that prior to finding self-forgiveness he would frequently try to punish himself for personal sins. Ben says that any time he sinned, he would feel the need to punish himself and would do so by getting into a cold shower.

“There were times before I understood the grace of God, I felt guilt for things I’d done wrong, sin, well I thought… ‘I need to pay for this. Something needs to be done.’ And so I would, you know, there’s different ways of doing, like, self-harm and stuff… but for me, I was like, ‘I’m going to take a cold shower.’ And that’s not pleasant at all, it is kind of very uncomfortable, so if I slip up or I sin, give in to this temptation or that temptation, then I am going to take a cold shower in order to kind of punish myself in a way.”


Ben notes that he no longer takes cold showers to punish himself for sin but instead turns his guilt over to Christ.

While Jessa Seewald is creating videos that give advice to viewers based on scripture, Duggar sister Jill Dillard has safely landed to begin her mission work in El Salvador. What do you think of Jessa’s scripture-based help videos?

[Image Credit: Youtube]