50 Cent Is Going To Attend A Vodka Bottle Signing In Suburban Wisconsin

Melissa Burns

50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson, a millionaire many times over, sitting in a grocery store in suburban Wisconsin, signing vodka bottles. If it sounds rather bizarre for you, you are not alone. Dustin Wales, the marketing director of Woodman's, the store in question, was equally baffled when he was told that 50 Cent is going to visit his store on July 29 as a part of promotional campaign for Effen Vodka.

As it turns out, Effen Vodka – one of the companies Curtis Jackson invests in – asked the rapper to take part in two promotional bottle signings, one in Oak Creek and another in Sun Prairie. Effen Vodka was very particular about the format of the event – during it, Curtis Jackson is supposed to do nothing but sign bottles of a particular vodka brand.

This signing will be a part of a larger promotional campaign that started in April. Mr. Jackson has been attending on average two signings a month, which proved to be extremely successful. According to Syracuse.com, during his appearance in town late April, the musician helped sell about 277 gallons of liquor.

"Liquor Warehouse owner George Angeloro said he stocked 300 cases of Effen vodka, which sells for $30 a bottle. That's 1,800 bottles -- or 357 gallons of vodka -- worth $54,000. In other words, it's enough alcohol to keep even legendary booze hound Andre the Giant afloat for about two years. When all was said and done, the store sold 1,400 bottles of Jackson's signature brand (that's 277 gallons)."

It seems the recent court decision that ordered Curtis Jackson to pay $5 million in sex tape case did little to both dampen his spirits and diminish his popularity, despite being quite damaging for his pocket, as reported by the Inquisitr.

"Attorneys for Lastonia Leviston say the Florida woman brought her civil suit against 40-year-old Jackson because his actions destroyed her life and drove her to the brink of suicide. Jackson's attorney argued the plaintiff was just going after the rapper's "deep pockets." Friday's $5 million verdict may not be all that 50 Cent has to pay, as the jurors are set to weigh punitive damages next week."

Either way, those willing to get their hands on 50 Cent's autograph should better prepare – during previous signings, people had to stand in line for about five hours on average.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]