Ariana Grande’s Brother Frankie Weighs In On ‘Donutgate’: ‘We Forgive You’

Most folks are well-acquainted with the old adage “blood is thicker than water,” but in Ariana Grande’s case, blood is also apparently thicker than donut batter and sugary glaze. The embattled young star is now getting some much-needed support from her half-brother Frankie via social media.

Hollywood Life reports Frankie posted a few tweets in support of his superstar sis in the wee hours of Friday morning. Not only did he express solidarity with Ariana, he commended her for her apology video and also scolded her detractors.

Frankie also posted a pic of himself with his famous sibling via Instagram telling fans and admirers that he has “never been more proud” to be associated with Ariana.

Frankie’s fans and admirers have responded to his sentiments with mixed reactions. Some Instagram followers replied to his post denouncing his sister as “stupid” and “fake” while others were decidedly sympathetic.

“Everyone has different sides,” wrote one fan. “No one is perfect. And in that moment she was caught up with her friend. One moment in time should not take away from all the good she does for different things or the stuff she does for her fans. … She knows she was wrong [and] now has to re live that moment forever on video of her actions so maybe it will help her in the future.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ariana has drawn criticism far and wide for her recent behavior in a California donut shop. The young singer and actress was caught on camera licking some donuts that were out in the open on a counter as well as making some off-the-cuff anti-American comments. She posted video message online late in the week in which she apologized for all the drama.

Us Magazine notes that Frankie Grande is something of a celebrity in his own right. A star of musical theater and YouTube, he also appeared on the blockbuster reality show Big Brother during its 16th season. He also appeared with Kelly Osbourne at the 2015 Trailblazer Awards, which recognized individuals who have led the fight for LGBT equality.

Me and @kellyosbourne at the Trailblazer awards. Always be proud of who you are! #love

A photo posted by Frankie James Grande (@frankiejgrande) on

Having suffered significant damage to her public image, Ariana Grande will undoubtedly need a lot of encouragement and support to get her career back on track. Luckily, she still has her family in her corner, as well as some fans who aren’t ready to give up on their favorite diva.

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