‘True Detective Season 2: Will Paul Woodrugh And Ray Velcoro Finally Crack In Episode 4 [Preview]

With three episodes down, Season 2 of True Detective is finally starting to get interesting. With that in mind, the trailer for the coming episode, titled “Down Will Come,” has officially been released, and it looks as though we’ll finally learn more about Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) and Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch).

In the trailer, Ray is seen interacting with his son Chad (Trevor Larcom). Ray gives Chad an old badge of his father’s and appears to be saying his final goodbye to his son. As the trailer alludes to, Ray is set to return to his criminal way of life so that he can gather more intel on his current investigation.

Meanwhile, Kitsch recently talked with the Hollywood Reporter about how his character will also be featured in the coming episode.

“There are a couple scenes where you see him crack and not be able to hold on like he could before,” Kitsch stated. “Those are the scenes that just jumped out at me [to show] why he does what he does and acts how he acts… [You’ll see] where he’s come from and how suppressed he’s been in that house, and that relationship with his mother kind of unfolds. Then with the case, it’s a slow burn. With Paul, he has bigger beats with his home life and just the repercussions of acting on something within himself. The [weight] he puts on himself is enormous, the strain.”

At the same time, Paul and Ray are also set to share a few moments on screen together in the coming episode.

“I haven’t seen it yet, but there’s kind of a beautiful montage that leads up to a scene with Farrell in [episode] four,” Kitsch revealed. “You kind of see him just cracking. It’s great.”

Elsewhere, as the series starts to build some momentum in Season 2, some believe that the occult will once again play a part in the series. According to Vanity Fair, a real life secret society, known as the Bohemian Grove, might be introduced soon as the series heads into its fourth episode.

With the first season being such a success due to its blending of the mystery and value of humanity, the series hasn’t had the same balance this season. However, with the possible introduction of the Bohemian Grove society, Season 2 might start to see those same themes begin to crop up.

True Detective Season 2, Episode 4, “Down Will Come,” is set to air July 12 on HBO.

Check out a preview below.

[Image Courtesy: HBO]