Denis Leary Goes Off On Bill Cosby In Profanity-Laced Rant

Denis Leary is done with Bill Cosby. That’s the nice way of putting it.

For the not-so-nice way, refer to the comedian’s recent rant to the Daily Beast on the topic of Cosby and his roughly 40 rape accusers.

Leary took a hard line on the Jell-O spokesman, adopting the mindset that anything Cosby has touched throughout his career is now poisoned.

Here’s the tirade, and yes, it’s classic Denis Leary.

“The weirdest thing to me is you had prescriptions for Quaaludes? What the f*** is wrong with you! You could get Quaaludes fallin’ out of people’s pockets in the ’70s, and this guy had, what, seven prescriptions for Quaaludes? That is a creepy motherf*****. It’s just so weird, man. It’s really like Jekyll and Hyde.

“It’s crazy that he got away with it for so long. You’re talking about over 40 women who have accused him of rape. So many victims.

“Dude at that point, you’re into Stalinesque territory there of wielding so much power and shutting people up. I think I can honestly say this: It’s going to be impossible for me to listen to a Bill Cosby bit again from any era. F*** the show, the show’s dead. And f*** Jell-O. I’m never going to eat Jell-O again. No offense to the Jell-O people, but it just reminds me of him. F***, I don’t think I can listen to any of his classic routines because it would automatically bring me back to creepy page one.”

Clear to see the man held nothing back. Bill Cosby’s star has fallen in the court of public opinion, even though he hasn’t been convicted of any crime.

That’s in large part due to the fact that the statute of limitations on the crimes he’s accused of has long since passed.

But there’s little debate that his career is over. Companies are racing to distance themselves from him.

Still, there are some, who continue to stand up for Cosby including his long-time friend Whoopi Goldberg, who claims she has received death threats for her support. On a recent episode of The Viewreported here by Mediaite — she reminded the public that Cosby has not been convicted of any crime.

“Not any of you threatening me or telling me you’re coming after me because you don’t like what I said is going to change the fact that no one has convicted him. He has not been arrested, and the bottom line is that’s the law: innocent until proven guilty.”

It would be interesting to see what Denis Leary has to say about that.

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