Ariana Grande’s ‘Licked Donut’ For Sale On Ebay, Why #Donutgate Is A Big Deal

Ariana Grande may have apologized for starting #Donutgate, but the controversy is still going strong. A powdered donut that Ariana allegedly licked or spat on is going for sale on eBay.

That’s right. Now fans can get their hands on the jelly-filled powdered donut that Grande allegedly licked when she went to Wolfee Donut shop on July 4, 2015. The bid started at $1.00 and could sell for as much as $15,000. The seller doesn’t give any details on whether or not it’s the donut that Grande licked, as seen on TMZ’s infamous video. The seller moltensound’s details say that s/he lives in Detroit, Michigan, when Grande ventured into a donut shop located in Lake Elsinore, California. All it says is that the bid lasts for another four days.

Screengrab from eBay website.

“No reserve. Low buy it now price. Free shipping to continental USA. 5 day auction for freshness. Bid with confidence! Bid like a diva! Bid like you hate America!”

So why is Ariana Grande’s #donutgate fiasco such a huge deal? Fans were reportedly upset when the pint-sized diva not only licked and spat on the donuts, but also were upset when she was rude to employees and said that she “hated America.” All of the backlash has caused Ariana to back out of her MLB All-Star concert and to release several apologies.

All of the backlash from “Donut-Gate” is causing the “One Last Time” singer a boatload of stress, according to a report in the Hollywood Life. Not only is Grande upset with the donut-licking controversy, but she’s also upset with having to apologize several times.

“She hates the fallout. [She is also upset at] all of the apologies she has to do [and] missing out on the All-Star Game.”

Ariana Grande will have to “grow up” and face the music soon, according to a new report on E! News. The celebrity news site published another thought piece titled, “What Happened to Ariana Grande? E! Investigates Her Journey From Nickelodeon Star to Doughnut Outlaw.” It looks like the petite singer’s diva ways are catching up with her. After all, this isn’t the first time that Ariana has received backlash for her behavior. Around this time last year, she stepped into an elevator and allegedly said, “I hope they all f***ing die,” which fans still haven’t forgotten about.

It’s also been rumored that Grande prefers to be photographed from the left side of her face. Australian photographers made remarks about Grande’s diva antics around the time she promoted her second studio album, My Everything. Even people who work with Grande has admitted that she’s difficult to work with.

“She can be rude and because of that she has a bad reputation. She is very headstrong and determined, and whether rightly or wrongly, she is seen as a diva because of that.

Another source close to Ariana Grande told E! News that the singer often has a big head.

“She has a big ego. The video from the doughnut store changed everything. It cemented everyone’s worst fears. This is her time to change, if she is really serious about having a long and fulfilling career. She’s not going to be given many more chances after this.”

Meanwhile, some believe that Grande’s donut-licking controversy shouldn’t be such a huge deal. Although licking donuts you don’t intend to purchase are gross, and saying you “hate America,” especially on Independence Day is “not a smart career move,” according to Golf Digest.

It looks like Ariana Grande’s donut debacle isn’t going to go away anytime soon. It may haunt her. In fact, Ariana will now become known as the singer who licks donuts lying out on the counter. What are your thoughts on the singer? Do you think #donutgate is a bigger deal than it should be? Do you think it will haunt Grande’s career? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Larry Busacca/Getty Images]