Jordan Spieth’s Shark Fishing Vacation With Girlfriend Annie Verret Left Him ‘Shaking’

Jordan Spieth’s shark fishing story is quite the whopper. The pro golfer says he and the ship’s captain pulled up a 300-lb., 12-ft.-long blacktip shark. Apparently, he has no proof of the large catch, but he claims the experience left him “shaking” since he is apparently not that big of a fan of sharks in general.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Jordan Spieth’s girlfriend, Annie Verret, joined him for his Bahamas vacation. Reports say they “have been together for many years, and are setting the standard in how to have a mature relationship despite the onslaught of media attention.”

The pro golfer says this was his very first Bahamas vacation and he did the usual tourist trips like “snorkeling and whatnot.” On the way back, they decided to do some fishing while they were taking the scenic route. This was not a fishing boat at all, and Spieth said, “There was no chair or anything, but they had the belt, and just to see if we’d catch anything.”

So, needless to say, Jordan Spieth’s shark fishing story did not actually start with shark fishing since that would have been crazy. The golfer says he started by catching a tuna only to have something else grab onto the line.

“We hooked on a tuna, and I was hooked on a tuna for about 45 minutes to an hour,” said Spieth, according to CBS. “It was a big tuna, and then these little sharks were coming in trying to get a piece of it, and the captain was scaring them off banging on the boat and on the water, and all of a sudden it just rips back down again. I almost got pulled in. And it was so much heavier, and I was just like, wait, these fish must have seen the sharks and just tried to avoid them.”

Two and a half hours and one bathroom break later, Jordan realized he had indeed hooked a fairly large blacktip shark. He believes the shark had eaten the tuna hooked by Spieth only to become hooked itself in the process. Remember, this is not a fishing boat, so at this point the golfer was shaking from the exertion.

“I had to take a break. My arm couldn’t move anymore,” he said. “I couldn’t move my arm. It was, like, shaking when I held it up.”

Apparently, Jordan Spieth’s girlfriend was in the back of the boat with the rest of the “dames” as Spieth called them, and because the boat was relatively small they did not have room for the blacktip shark.

“There was no room for the fish… so the captain technically grabbed the line where it’s considered landing the fish, let go of it quickly, and then we let some string and it whipped the hook out. We were just going to cut it anyways.”

When discussing his sharking fishing story, Jordan Spieth also offered his opinion on Shark Week.

“I’m very, very much afraid of sharks,” Spieth said, according to USA Today. “I don’t like them. They’re not cool. I do like Shark Week, though. I really enjoy Shark Week.”

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