‘Big Brother 17’: Does Da’Vonne Rogers Regret Telling Jason About The ‘Twin Twist’?

Before Big Brother 17 house guest Da’Vonne Rogers was evicted on Thursday night, she was close allies with Jason Roy. That friendship resulted in Jason’s vote to keep her, but it wasn’t enough to help Da’Vonne progress in the game.

In an exit interview with Big Brother Network, Da’Vonne reveals her trust in Jason might have been misplaced. It was Rogers who first caught on to the twin twist, and she quickly told Roy that Liz Nolan was swapping places with her sister. But Roy did not keep the information to himself. He quickly told the other house guests, and very soon Nolan’s cover was all but blown.

But by revealing that piece of information, Rogers lost a big bargaining chip that could have helped her survive the week 2 evictions. In retrospect, Da’Vonne thinks she might have been better served by keeping her mouth shut.

“It was definitely a bad move [letting everyone know]. I felt like me and Jason at that point had become one player. That was my ride or die. If I had tea, I was giving it to him and vice versa.

“With that I said, look, I’m gonna tell you but keep this between me and you. I’ll be damned if like two seconds later he didn’t run to Meg and then Meg ran to Jeff and then… It spread like wildfire and hit the floor running. It was awful.”

As for how she knew, Da’Vonne said Liz and Julia have physical differences and one has a much more outgoing personality. For anyone who saw the two side-by-side the differences would have been obvious. Rogers was surprised she was the first to pick it up.

In a separate interview Da’Vonne told Zap2It she was surprised to exit the house to such loud cheers from the audience. She’d anticipated boos because of her desire to evict Audrey Middleton and Steve Moses. She also said the game is much more difficult on the inside than it is watching from home.

“I feel like we as people, we take advantage of privacy and the comfort of family and friends. When all of that stuff is gone and you have to look at these same people every day, all day … that’s very hard to deal with.”

Da’Vonne also told Zap2It that she was surprised to learn that Vanessa Rousso, one of the two current Heads of Household, is a professional poker player. Rousso had intended to keep that information private in the house, but she told Rogers. Da’Vonne revealed that Vanessa had actually played at some of the casinos where she worked as a dealer.

Despite everything Da’Vonne told BBN she hopes Jason will win, but she predicts the prize money will go to Audrey and John McGuire.

Big Brother 17 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

[Images: CBS]