San Diego Comic Con 2015: ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 1 Trailer — ‘When Civilization Ends, It Ends Fast’ [Video]

San Diego Comic Con 2015 means just one thing to fans eagerly awaiting news on AMC’s new series, Fear The Walking Dead — the extended Season 1 trailer! Fans also finally have a start date. Here’s what we have learned from the Season 1 trailer for Fear The Walking Dead:

  • First we are introduced to the core family element of Fear The Walking Dead. Madison (played by Kim Dickens), Travis (Cliff Curtis), Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Travis’s son from a previous marriage. It’s just your typical blended family. Madison is a school guidance counselor, Travis teaches at the same school. Over the trailer for Fear The Walking Dead, we get Travis talking through one of his classes, which, ominously is about world civics and survival.
  • Nick’s escape is extended in this trailer for Season 1 of Fear The Walking Dead. We get to see exactly what he is running from and it is not a drug deal gone bad, it is zombies. Fans get to see the very first Fear The Walking Dead reaction to them as well, which results in Nick running for his life and getting hit by a car.
  • Predictably, we find Nick’s (Frank Dillane) family assuming he was high when he is hit by the car. Once he starts talking about dead people and all the blood, they are completely sure he is on drugs.
  • There are snippets from all the previous promotional stuff for Fear The Walking Dead so far. We can see Travis looking up at a helicopter flying overhead, Travis fixing the plumbing in the kitchen, the school bleachers where we saw a promo shot of Alicia, and Nick’s great escape. Conspiracy theory teenager gets another mention as well.
  • The first images of the undead surface, looks like conspiracy theory teenager was right all along. Perhaps Nick wasn’t as high as his family thought — although there are still people claiming, “It’s like it’s not real.”
  • There is some panic with Travis trying to locate his own son but they appear to be reunited as the world comes to an end and they take shelter in a shop, which separates Travis from Madison and we are left with a feeling similar to the start of The Walking Dead: a husband trying to reunite with his wife.
  • Is that Madison making her first kill?
  • Fear The Walking Dead will premiere on Sunday, August 23, 2015, on AMC.

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[Image credits: AMC screen captures]