Jennie Garth Wedding: Actress Reportedly Getting Married This Weekend

Actress Jennie Garth is reportedly getting married a lot sooner than her fans might think.

Life & Style magazine reports that the 43-year-old actress will become the wife of David Abrams on Saturday, July 11.

The report claims that the ceremony will take place within the Santa Ynez valley.

After spending a few months dating and getting to know each other better, David proposed to Jennie Garth back in April. Multiple reports claim that Abrams worked hard to make the moment special — planning and preparing to go above and beyond when he popped the question.

Garth shared the details of the memorable occasion in an interview, according to Us Weekly.

“He took me on a trip to the Carolinas and we went to this great dinner in this very crowded restaurant packed with people and then all of a sudden for no reason, there was no one in it. Not a waiter or anyone. It was like the world sort of stopped spinning for a minute and it was so quiet. He got down on his knee and did his thing.”

Jennie also admitted that she loved the black diamond engagement ring that David gave her, claiming that it was “very specific to [her] personality.”

Even though the whirlwind romance seems like something written in the storybooks, that is apparently not how it played out in real life at all.

According to Jennie, there were not any immediate sparks flying or love blossoming at first sight between her and David. The pair were reportedly set up on a blind double date that neither wanted to go through with in the first place.

“I wasn’t looking at all, in fact I didn’t even want to go on the date with him and he didn’t even want to go on a date with me. We went out on a blind double date with another friend of his and we did not hit it off right away. He was like tall and handsome and perfect, and that’s exactly what I didn’t want.”

However, the events that followed that first date must have changed both of their minds and hearts — especially if they are planning to become husband and wife this weekend.

This will mark the third time that Jennie Garth has walked down the aisle of matrimony. After being married to Daniel Clark for nearly two years in the 1990s, Jennie shared nearly 12-years of marriage with Twilight actor Peter Facinelli from 2001 to 2013.

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