#DeadRaccoonTO: People Of Toronto Create Memorial To Dead Raccoon Ignored By City's Animal Services

Tara West

The people of Toronto came together to create a memorial for a dead raccoon that animal services just didn't seem to want to bother with removing from the sidewalk.

The raccoon was found deceased on a sidewalk around 9 a.m. and was reported by a Twitter user to the city's official contact center. The city responded that animal services had been notified. However, over 12 hours later, the raccoon's body was still lying on the pavement despite a growing memorial complete with flowers, cards, and a framed raccoon photograph. Thus the hashtag #DeadRaccoonTO was born.

Buzzfeed reports that the dead raccoon was found on the sidewalk around 9 a.m. Twitter user Jason Wagar notified Toronto's official contact center at 311 Toronto, who quickly responded that animal services had been notified. However, at noon the raccoon's body was still lying on the pavement, and a note was left for the creature informing it to "rest" as "help is on the way."

After the initial note was left, the site of the raccoon's demise became somewhat of a memorial, with people leaving flowers, notes, and even a framed raccoon photo next to the animal's body. At this point, City Councillor Norm Kelly got involved and requested that animal services take care of the problem promptly. Despite Kelly's pleas, animal services still couldn't seem to find the time to remove the raccoon and the resulting memorial.

— 311 Toronto (@311Toronto) July 9, 2015

After it became apparent that animal services was not going to do anything about the raccoon's deceased body, someone left a piece of paper with the hashtag #DeadRaccoonTO. Soon, tweets began flying in with tributes to the poor creature along with photos of the growing memorial. As the memorial grew, City Councillor Norm Kelly had a little fun of his own by bringing some humor to the city's failing.

— Norm Kelly (@norm) July 10, 2015

With nightfall upon the city, a candlelight vigil was held for the dead raccoon just before city officials finally arrived to remove the body.

— Norm Kelly (@norm) July 10, 2015

What do you think of City Councillor Norm Kelly's response to Toronto's animal services taking so long to remove the animal?

[Image Credit: Twitter]