'Outlander' Star Sam Heughan Tells His Favorite Comic-Con Story, Plus Will Jamie Fraser Wear A Kilt In Paris Society In Season 2?

Perry Carpenter

Fans at Comic-Con in San Diego this year are sure to get a treat when the cast and crew of Outlander arrive for their panel discussion. While we all eagerly wait to learn what is revealed during the event, Sam Heughan recently shared his favorite Comic-Con story in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser in the hit series, described driving around in his car during Comic-Con last year and how there was a core group of highlanders, with bagpipes and all, following him around wherever he went. It was that group of highlanders that led to Heughan's favorite Comic-Con moment.

"On the second day we were driving down the main street San Diego, and I saw them, so I wound down the window and I shouted out 'Outlander' and suddenly it was like the homecoming," Heughan stated in the interview. "All these highlanders turned around and they saw me and they all started shouting 'Outlander! Outlander! Outlander!' and the pipes were going and everyone in the whole street started chanting and singing. It got pretty intense and quite emotional and felt like I was home with my boys. It was a really terrific moment."

Meanwhile, fans at Comic-Con this year might catch the first look at a new video concerning Season 2 of Outlander. According to Kristin Dos Santos with E! Online, there will be at least one video shown at the Outlander event.

"Fingers crossed, you will have at least one video treat--but I can't spill yet exactly of what nature! The panel should be a blast, and have a few surprises. So nab your seat early!" she stated.

While it isn't known what the video will reveal about the new season, there is one thing fans can rest assured they'll see in season 2 — Heughan will be wearing his kilt as he heads to Paris, France with Claire.

According to Scotland Now, Heughan revealed that Jamie will still wear his kilt at certain times during Season 2.

"He will wear his kilt on occasion," Heughan stated. "And on others he won't."

Heughan added that fashion will play a larger part in the season as the couple moves from Scotland to the bigger cities of France.

"Scotland is featuring a lot of heavy wools and more organic colors. In Paris everyone wants to be a peacock," he explained. "You've got a much wider palette of textiles and colors and styles than you did in Scotland. It's a completely different world."

Season 2 of Outlander will premiere sometime in 2016.