WWE News: Huge Rematch Taking Place At ‘WWE NXT Takeover’ In Brooklyn

Kevin Owens and Finn Balor arguably stole the show at Beast in the East. Their match for the WWE NXT championship brought back Japanese culture, which translated very well to the audience in Tokyo. WWE fans had a feeling that Owens would drop the NXT title, but in matches like that, the result isn’t as important as the moment itself.

With Owens already on the WWE’s main roster full-time, he’s engulfed in two major storylines on WWE programming. In WWE NXT, the former NXT champion is still feuding with Finn Balor. On the main roster, his program with John Cena and Cesaro is highly profiled. In fact, the U.S. championship was in the main event on WWE Raw on Monday.

It’s becoming clear that the U.S. championship is a priority to WWE officials. If it wasn’t, then John Cena wouldn’t be the holder. Kevin Owens also wouldn’t be chasing after it. Whoever is writing this feud is doing a brilliant job at building two young WWE superstars.

Kevin Owens will take on John Cena for the U.S. title at WWE Battleground on July 19. That’s not the only big match for Owens in the next couple of months. Yesterday, Daily Wresting News reported that a huge rematch was made official at WWE NXT Takeover in Brooklyn.

“WWE has announced that new NXT Champion Finn Balor will defend against Kevin Owens at the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn event on August 22nd from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

“As noted, the show will air live on the WWE Network that night, the night before SummerSlam.”

WWE NXT’s future will be determined at NXT Takeover in August. There are a few reasons as to why: If Kevin Owens reclaims the championship, then he will remain in WWE NXT for the foreseeable future. On top of that, there are rumors that say Charlotte and Sasha Banks will come to the main roster and team with Paige at SummerSlam.

If that does happen, Banks won’t hold the championship and be a normal competitor on the main roster. Going back to Owens and Balor, analysts believe that Owens needs to be victorious at WWE Battleground. Sure, it would help boost Owens’ career, perhaps faster than any superstar in WWE history.

Then again, would it benefit him more to win it at SummerSlam? Those are scenarios that will get resolved in the coming weeks. WWE Battleground, as well as NXT Takeover, will spell out the next several months of WWE programming. It’s about to get very exciting.

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