Josh Duggar Reportedly Used Carpentry To Cure His Sexual Misbehaviors

Josh Duggar reportedly used carpentry to cure his sexual abuse urges, and it came at a controversial religious retreat that has since been shut down.

Duggar reportedly confessed to sexually abusing five girls when he was a teenager, but his parents kept the allegations quiet and instead sent Josh to a faith-based training center called the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

As IBLP founder Bill Gothard noted, participants in the program use a mix of carpentry and “lust counseling” under the guidance of a one-on-one leader.

Gothard also emphasized something the called the “seven stresses of Jesus.”

“Jesus, during his lifetime, gave us 49 commands and every command has a character quality that relates to it,” he said, via the Mail Online. “Also Jesus gave us seven stresses, anger, guilt, lust, business, greed, fear and envy, and there are seven commands that can conquer every one of those stresses. Seven commands that relate to anger, seven that relate to guilt and so on.”

The Mail Online found more details about the strange therapy.

“As well as learning carpentry skills Duggar, who had just turned 15 when he arrived, carried out general laboring tasks with a small group of other students.

“But unlike the other youngsters on the scheme Duggar received personal one-on-one faith counseling to ‘cleanse’ him of his sexual thoughts.”

Gothard told the outlet that he believed Josh Duggar needed more than carpentry for his cure, and he shared some of his suggestions with parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

“First of all when that [the sexual abuse] came up his father and mother came to me and I, number one, said he [Josh] really should report it to the police, which he did,” he said. “Number two that he should get away from the home there and they sent him to a godly mentor in Little Rock and it was there when he really became a Christian.”

It seems that the carpentry may have not been a total cure for Josh Duggar. Scandals have continued to follow the eldest Duggar son, with In Touch Weekly reporting that he was accused of watching porn on company computers when he was working on a 2004 campaign for an Arkansas politician. The politician reportedly blamed the loss on Josh Duggar’s indiscretion, which was referred to as “sin in the camp.”

The revelation of Josh Duggar allegedly using carpentry to cure his sexual misbehavior shows the lasting effect the scandal has had on the Duggar family and 19 Kids and Counting, a show with a future still hanging in the balance. Some media critics believe the longer the headlines drag out, the greater the likelihood the show could be canceled.

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