‘Lethal Seduction’ And ‘Accidental Obsession’ Lifetime Movies Heat Up TV This Weekend Starring The Sexy Dina Meyer, Josie Davis, Sebastian Spence

Lifetime’s Lethal Seduction and Accidental Obsession are two original movies that are sure to satisfy your guilty pleasure this weekend. Lifetime television is always striving to provide viewers with the most exciting and tantalizing programming imaginable. Tonight, be sure to catch Lethal Seduction, a Lifetime movie that revolves around a teenage boy who is being seduced by an older woman. On Sunday, make plans to see Accidental Obsession about a simple accident that turns one attorney’s life upside down. It doesn’t appear that these Lifetime movies are based on any one true story. Though, Lifetime movie lovers should check out the case of Sheila LaBarre, a cougar who loved killing her young lovers.

Lethal Seduction Synopsis

Tanya Richards has a hard time letting go of her teen son, Mark. Still throwing him lavish parties, Tanya is about to find up what can happen when her boy becomes a full grown man. Mark Richards is working in a shoe store when he meets the tall and sexy Carissa Kensington. For Mark it’s love at first site, and it doesn’t take long for Carissa to work her charm and stir up all kinds of intense passion in the inexperienced young man. She seduces him, she showers him with gifts, and she buys him expensive clothes. But, there’s just one problem. She is old enough to be his mother. When Tanya discovers that some cougar has her son wrapped around her finger, all hell breaks loose as she makes it known that she will not stand around and let this old broad mess up her son’s life. As Tanya digs deeper into Clarissa’s background, she realizes that her son is caught up in a dangerous, perverse game. Will she be able to make her son come to his senses before it’s too late?

Directed by Nancy Leopardi and written by Roger Stigliano and Michael Waite, Lethal Seduction stars Amanda Detmer as Tanya Richards, Caleb Ruminer as Mark Richards, Dina Meyer as Carissa Kensington, and Sam Lerner as Walter. Watch tonight at at 8/7c.

Here’s Lifetime’s tease and trailer for #LethalSeduction

“A mother must fight to protect her son from the delusional romantic advances of an older, predatory woman who has become obsessed with him.”

Accidental Obsession Synopsis

Heather is a successful attorney at a prestigious law firm in Los Angles. Everything seems to be going as planned in her life until a car accident brings her face to face with a woman with something to hide. As Heather befriends the woman, and helps her out financially, a friendship develops that seems perfectly innocent in the beginning, until Vanessa starts to get a little too close for comfort. Feeling uneasy, Heather does what lawyers do, and checks her new friend’s background. What Heather finds in Vanessa’s background is alarming, and threatens to tear her perfect life as a hot shot attorney apart.

#AccidentalObsession is produced by Hit Productions and directed by George Erschbamer, starring Josie Davis, Sebastian Spence, Garry Chalk, according to the IMDB. Be sure to tune in on Sunday, July 12, at 9 p.m.

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