Darth Vader To Appear In 'Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One'

One of the most iconic villains in film history is set to reappear on the silver screen, as Darth Vader will reportedly have a role in the first Star Wars Anthology film, Rogue One.

Birth.Movies.Death. reports that the fallen Jedi last seen in 2005's Revenge of the Sith (famously a low point in the series for Vader) will once again grace the Star Wars universe in the upcoming film. The report's author, Editor-in-Chief Devin Faraci, cites an unnamed source who allegedly has knowledge of Rogue One's production. Interestingly enough, the source also revealed that Vader's role in the film would be somewhat limited, though he will still be directing much of the action.

"I ran into a good source this past weekend and, over drinks, was told a nugget that should make people pretty intrigued: Darth Vader will be in Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One. He will not be the main antagonist but he will be working behind the scenes, pulling strings and will appear onscreen. Literally, I'm told - he'll be showing up via viewscreen or holo projection or something."
Faraci went on to ask his source about the possible involvement of the Death Star's commander from the original Star Wars, Grand Moff Tarkin, as the Guardian reports. He also inquired whether the as-yet-unnamed heroes of the movie might face off against Vader.
"Will our heroes actually run into the Dark Lord of the Sith in person? My source wouldn't say. My source was also mum about Grand Moff Tarkin, who was of course the commander of the fully operational Death Star."
Rogue One is the first of a planned series of Star Wars Anthology films, which will also include an origin story for Han Solo, as the Inquisitr reported earlier this week. Detailing the theft of the Death Star plans, Rogue One will reportedly reveal the sequence of events which set the rebel attack in A New Hope into motion.The iteration of Darth Vader likely to appear in the film is one of the most iconic in Star Wars history, as Faraci points out. During this period, Vader is a feared presence in the Empire, ruthless in his efforts to crush the rebellion.

"This will be Vader at the critical moment in his history, working for Tarkin but still a legendary menace whose appearance strikes fear into the hearts of all who encounter him. This is the Vader who walks in and f***s s*** up personally, the guy who Tarkin points at a problem to make it disappear. This is classic Darth Vader."

[Photo by Sascha Steinbach / Getty Images]