Voxel-Based Sandbox MMO 'Trove' Officially Launching On Steam

Trove, a voxel-based MMO game that has been in open beta for quite some time now, is about to officially launch. The action-oriented combat of Trove mixed with an emphasis on collection makes it an interesting world to explore. Players can also build impressive cornerstones or work on a club world with a guild. Tomorrow, Trove will come out of open beta and officially release on Steam.

The free-to-play Trove with optional Patron subscription offers players 11 classes to choose from at launch including the brand new Tomb Raiser. Players can choose between classes like the Pirate Captain, a gun-wielding scallywag with a pet parrot and turret, or the Boomeranger, a melee or bow-using adventurer that loves to bust vases and throw bombs. Completing dungeons and lairs each day will reward players with cubits that they can then use to purchase new classes, flasks, wings, and much more.

Dungeons and lairs in Trove are not instanced areas cut off from the world around them. Instead, each map is self-contained with several dungeons and lairs that anyone on the map can enter alone or with other players nearby. Most dungeons and lairs offer random gear as reward while some give players new recipes. While completing these combat areas players earn daily cubits, they have a chance at finding rare mounts, and they level up if not yet at the maximum level 20.

Players in an instanced Shadow Arena in Trove

Each class in Trove can level to 20 through normal mob killing and dungeon completion, but gear plays an important part of character progression. High-tier pieces of gear can be improved via Pearls of Wisdoms and flux upgrades. With the right parameters and upgrades, a player can get another 20 levels added to the character's level through gear.

If a convoluted gear progression system is not attractive, players can also collect allies, mounts, recipes, weapon skins, armor skins, and much more. Everything a player collects on one class is available to all that player's other characters including items like wings, boats, and mounts. Trove lets players get around the world in a number of fun ways. All players start with a traditional mount, and as they level up their account mastery level, they eventually learn to use wings. Along the way, players can build boats for water travel or grind through hourly challenges at a chance to find a dragon mount.

Trove is currently available via the Glyph platform, the developer and publishers launcher for its games. The developer, Trion Worlds, is known for games like RIFT and Defiance. Most recently, the company is known for publishing ArcheAge in the West. Players can start playing now or wait until Trove releases on Steam tomorrow if they prefer. Many MMO games are available to play via Steam with another free-to-play title currently leading the genre's pack as one of the top 25 most played games on Steam.

[Images via Steam]