Adult Film Statement: ‘Teen Mom 3’ Mackenzie Douthit Claims Tape Featuring Husband Josh McKee Was Stolen

An adult film made by Mackenzie Douthit and her husband, Josh McKee, was reportedly stolen from the Teen Mom 3 star’s phone. According to a July 8 report by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Douthit addressed news of her adult film during an interview with Splash News in Los Angeles.

“I would never make [an adult film]. My phone was stolen and looked through and there is personal videos and photos on there that are for mine and my husband’s eyes to see…My phone was taken and I got it back but they were looking through trying to find someone to call [and found the tapes].”

Douthit arrived in Los Angeles on Tuesday, just prior to Vivid Entertainment’s July 10 deadline. As reported by TMZ, the adult film brand was given 10 days to respond to a legal letter sent by Douthit’s lawyer, wanting to know their intentions for the adult film. While TMZ claimed Douthit didn’t intend to release the film, it does seem a bit odd that she’s currently in Los Angeles, where Vivid Entertainment’s offices are located.

Still, while speaking to Splash News, Douthit claimed there was “no amount of money” that would convince her to sell her adult film. As fans will recall from Teen Mom 3, Douthit is a married Christian woman, so selling an adult film isn’t something she would likely do. That said, a Christian woman typically wouldn’t make an adult film either.

“I’m not going to change my morals. I’m not like that. I will never do p0rn and I never have.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Douthit recently revealed her husband, Josh McKee, had left her for the second time this year in a tweet to fans on July 7. According to the reality star, McKee dumped her over a lie.

During an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment in June, Douthit spoke of the first time McKee left her.

“It got pretty bad and he did leave for a while, and we decided that we were going to get a divorce and separate. He went and stayed somewhere else, and we just decided that we don’t want to live without each other, and he came back, and he said, ‘I’m sorry.’ But I can’t put all the blame on him or all the blame on me because we just could not get along for the life of us.”

If Douthit does decide to release her adult film with Vivid Entertainment, fans will likely hear the news by Friday.

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