Scott Disick Was Reportedly 'Overwhelmed' By Being A Father

As we've learned over the years, Scott Disick's marriage to Kourtney Kardashian was never perfect. There were rumors that she wasn't happy with him partying, and then there were reports that Disick had a wandering eye. Now we have yet another layer to all this drama. As it turns out, Disick couldn't keep up with the Kardashians.

Source are telling People magazine that Scott was simply too overwhelmed by being a father, and the whole fatherhood thing isn't exactly working out. "He loves his kids, but he was never ready to be a stay-at-home dad."

Instead of being a stay at home dad, he's been seen out and about at clubs. In fact, when Kourtney announced that she was expecting their third child, sources say that Scott was "freaking out" and was worried that he wouldn't be able to take handling three children. Scott and Kourtney are parents to Mason, 5; Penelope, 3; and Reign, just 6 months old.

This was just another aspect of their relationship that didn't work. "Scott rebels against the crazy responsibility of having three kids. He acts out, he drinks too much and he embarrasses Kourtney."

As we know, Scott has already had two rehab stints and stayed at a hospital after a bad case of alcohol poisoning and that's just within the last year. These three instances coupled with Scott's wandering eye had Kardashian saying enough is enough. A source told the outlet, "It was becoming a poor environment for the kids to be raised in, and she refused to let that be the case. They are her first priority."

Over the weekend Kourtney celebrated Penelope's third birthday while Scott was trying to get fans to come out to a party in Vegas. Reports stated that Disick also refuses to go back into treatment that he so desperately needs.

Once word got around that Scott was looking for some party companions on Twitter, he decided to delete the post. "He wouldn't go home, even though people told him to go home to [Kourtney] and his family. Things were already very tense between him and Kourtney."

The source continued, "She was over dealing with his constant lies and addictions.

The nail in the coffin for the couple happened when photos leaked of Scott partying it up in Monte Carlo with a woman named Chloe Bartoli. Bartoli is said to be a woman who Disick has had his sights on before.

[Photo by David Becker / Getty Images]