Tyga's Naked Photos Getting FBI Probe: Tyga Gets Feds To Help Find Nude Pics Leaker

The Tyga naked photo controversy all seemingly began on Tuesday, July 7, when Tyga was accused of cheating on Kylie Jenner with a transgender actress named Mia Isabella, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Now, TMZ reports that Tyga's attorney has gotten the FBI involved over the leaked naked photos that Tyga doesn't deny portray him.

According to writer B. Scott, Tyga and Isabella were involved in some type of relationship for three years. The journalist even wrote about a potential sex tape in existence, involving potentially involving Mia, Tyga, and allegedly even Isabella's roommate — a woman named Capri.

The New York Daily News has reports of a porn star named Capri Anderson, with whom Charlie Sheen lived years ago. Scott noted that Mia's roommate had dealings with Sheen.

The Tyga and Mia controversy was picked up by Bossip, and now has made its way to the "Thirty-Mile Zone" that is TMZ, with the publication reporting that Tyga potentially shared his naked photos with someone who then shared them with the world. Either that, or someone hacked into Tyga's iCloud or other account to obtain the nude pics.

A lawyer for Tyga named Lee Hutton told TMZ they enlisted the FBI's help. The leaked nude photos of Tyga that B. Scott said occurred during text messages exchanged between Tyga and Mia are being denied by Isabella's team. Lee, however, has the email address that the person used who sent Tyga's naked pics as a pitch to various media publications. This includes the B. Scott blog that accepted and posted the nude photos of Tyga's penis.

The email trail could eventually lead to whomever leaked the nude photos of Tyga. Mia's rep, however, insists it wasn't her that leaked Tyga's naked photos. Isabella wants to work with the FBI and Tyga to discover who really leaked the photos.

The Instagram account of Kylie Jenner, meanwhile, makes no mention of the Tyga and Mia controversy.

For his part, Tyga says the naked photos are real, but says he didn't cheat on Kylie, as reported by Us. The 25-year-old Tyga has been a source of controversy along with 17-year-old Kylie because of the age difference involved between the two — and with Jenner being underage.

Tyra called the leaking of the naked photos — which show tattoos belonging to Tyga in the pics — a bid to "maliciously shame" him by whomever received the text messages.

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