Molly Sims Embraces Sweet Tooth, Eats 4 Desserts A Day

Molly Sims is used to turning desserts down. But now that she’s pregnant the super model is embracing her sweet tooth.

Sims said:

“Yesterday I had three desserts. I literally had a Sprinkles red velvet cupcake, this little piece of Marzipan bundt cake, and sorbet. Oh, that’s right, and I had some frozen yogurt: cake batter with graham cracker crust.”

Sims told People Magazine that she is loving the freedom of eating what she wants. And when she does have her child in June, she knows that she’s just a couple of “stomach flus away” from getting back down to her model size.

Sims said:

“It’s amazing because you know that old saying, ‘You’re just a stomach flu away from a size two?’ I’m 12 stomach flus away from a size two now and you know what? It’s okay.”

But life isn’t all cupcakes and sorbets for the super model. Sims said that she’s also having trouble sleeping. Sims said:

“I’m having trouble sleeping. You go side to side, you put a pillow over, you put a pillow under. I’m surrounded by pillows and I put the air conditioner on 50.”

But despite the fluctuating body size and the lack of sleep, Sims said that she’s excited to meet her new baby. Sims said:

“My girlfriend was asking yesterday if I was nervous and I’m totally nervous because it’s the unknown — it’s something that you don’t know. I am a little nervous about the delivery and breastfeeding. I hope I can do it, I hope we come through. I am so excited to meet him and just hold his hand.”