Woman Tries To Chase Clown Down An Escalator – But Fails Miserably

woman chases clown

The woman in this now-viral video apparently tried to chase a clown down an escalator.

Unfortunately, it did not work out as well as she apparently hoped.

As seen in the video, the clown was heading down one escalator while the unsuspecting woman was traveling upwards on the other. Almost immediately after they crossed paths, the clown hit the woman in the face with a pie while still heading downwards on the escalator.

While the clown laughed hysterically at the woman, she vigorously attempted to chase the clown down the upwards escalator. However, the escalator continued to move in the opposite direction of the clown – forcing the woman to eventually give up her chase.

Even though she was apparently never able to reach the clown, the woman settled for throwing stuff at him instead from her escalator.

Quite a few people have reacted and responded to the viral video – especially when they noticed that the woman failed in her attempts to actually catch up with the laughing clown.

The video of the woman chasing the clown (or at least trying to) has already been watched over 420,000 times since it was posted on World Star Hip-Hop Tuesday.

[Image Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images]