Rosie Perez Leaving ‘The View’ To Pursue Acting — Or Is She?

Rosie Perez

Actress Rosie Perez is reportedly leaving The View behind permanently, adding her name to the growing list of former co-hosts.

Variety reports that the 50-year-old actress will officially stay on-board with the show until the end of the current season, which is scheduled to close out next month.

According to the report, executive producer Bill Wolff confirmed the news of Rosie Perez’s upcoming exit in a memo to the show’s staff on Tuesday.

“Our friend Rosie Perez has decided to leave the show at the conclusion of this season to pursue full time her love for acting.”

Wolff further acknowledged Rosie Perez’s heavy workload in show business — including her stint on Broadway — and also mentioned how the actress’ personal dedication to advocacy made her an asset to the popular daytime talk show.

“Stepping into the role of talk show host at the same time she has been starring on Broadway has been incredibly impressive. And beyond being an enormously talented performer, Rosie is a dedicated advocate who has brought passion and insight to the panel every day.”

Wolff concluded his memo by stating that there will always be a place for Rosie Perez in the future as a guest and she will receive a proper send-off in the near future.

“Rosie will always be a part of “The View” family, and we will welcome her back as a guest anytime to catch up. We’ll plan a proper send off for her in a few weeks, but in the meantime, please join me in thanking her for her great work on the show.”

At first glance, it appears as if Rosie Perez made the decision to leave The View to focus on her acting career herself — leaving on amicable terms with the show’s production team. However, Radar Online reports have painted a slightly different picture in recent months.

In January, Radar reported that Rosie Perez was going to be removed from the show’s panel permanently at the end of her Broadway stint in the play Fish in the Dark.

Insiders claimed that Perez was an “awkward fit” on The View due to her struggles to read the teleprompter and the overall difficulties that she experienced when it came to adapting to the show’s format.

An insider reportedly opened up to Radar about the show’s plan to give Rosie Perez “a graceful exit” — claiming that “the plan [to fire her] is still on” and Rosie was “absolutely gone.”

“They were hoping if her play was successful, she would say she couldn’t do both and it would be a mutual decision… If it’s not successful, she’s got a movie coming up and basically they’ll say they can’t let her off for the movie and come to an agreement so she’s focusing on her acting.”

Even though Rosie O’Donnell made headlines by apparently squashing rumors of Rosie Perez leaving on the air, insiders told Radar that Rosie “wasn’t in on that ABC decision.”

[Image Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]