‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Get Ready For Society To Be Stripped Away [Video]

In the latest promo video for AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead, Gale Anne Hurd invites Walking Dead fans behind the scenes for the first few days of shooting on set.

Dave Alpert, executive producer, talks about shooting on location in “downtown sunny Los Angeles.” Filming began at a school, on the roof which makes you wonder why they need to be on the roof of a school so soon into shooting. However, it is a chance for fans to get their first real glimpse into the new world Fear The Walking Dead will inhabit, one which will be different to the world AMC’s other zombie series, The Walking Dead, yet also similar as they aim to mesh the two worlds together cohesively. Greg Nicotero, executive producer, wants to give Fear The Walking Dead it’s “own fingerprint and its own voice, but keep it true to the Walking Dead.”

Fear The Walking Dead promo video Griffith Park

Cliff Curtis (who plays Travis Manawa) likes the fact viewers will be able to see the side of LA that isn’t necessarily pretty but is the perfect backdrop to Fear The Walking Dead. LA changes things for the Walking Dead universe, according to Robert Kirkman, with Nicotero adding they have the chance to “create a different palette” to what fans know in The Walking Dead’s southern location. Once again, he references the fact the zombies in Fear The Walking Dead will look different to the walkers in The Walking Dead. Interesting to note, both Nicotero and newcomer Kim Dickens (who plays Madison Bennett) refer to the zombies as “walkers” in the behind the scenes video, something the crew have been eager to avoid in most of the promotional pieces so far. Also, on day four of shooting for Dickens, she is yet to witness first hand any of the zombies on offer in Fear The Walking Dead. But Alycia Debnam-Carey (who plays Alicia) can’t wait for fans to see the different ways zombies will appear.

Fear The Walking Dead promo video Greg Nicotero

The cast and crew are eager to point out Fear The Walking Dead is aiming for the human aspect of the apocalypse first, genre series second. With Curtis claiming the script doesn’t read like a genre piece. While Dave Erickson explains Fear The Walking Dead as “a family drama first and foremost which… evolves into a genre piece… Every aspect and element of the apocalypse is filtered through our core family.”

“Having society stripped from these people in real time is going to make this show more emotional.”

During the clip, fans get to see inside the building Nick (Frank Dillane) escapes from in one of the early Fear The Walking Dead teaser videos. They also get to see Frank hooked up to some sort of harness, perhaps in relation to the fact he is involved in a car accident after fleeing for his life?

Fear The Walking Dead will premiere in August on AMC. If you can’t wait that long, why not check out the panel at this week’s San Diego Comic Con.

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[Image credits: AMC screen captures]