Hunger Games Sequel Gets a Director

If you’re anxiously awaiting the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, don’t hold your breath- but there is a director lined up.

For fans who adored the cinematic adaptation of Hunger Games, a sequel is not set to hit theaters until November of 2013, a full year and a half after the first film in the trilogy was released. And while the wait for the Hunger Games sequel feels like forever for fans, the scheduling is considered tight by Hollywood standards.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that director Gary Ross would not be returning for the Hunger Games sequel, and Ross cited time constraints as the main reason he didn’t see himself directing Catching Fire, explaining that 19 months was “not a luxurious timetable, but hardly a bang-bang one either.” So with Ross out of the picture, fans wondered who would bring the second novel to life for the hotly-anticipated Hunger Games sequel.

When it became apparent Ross was out, speculation began as to who would be tapped to bring the Hunger Games sequel to the big screen- David Cronenberg and Alfonso Cuaron (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) were both cited as contenders. But according to, Water For Elephants‘ Francis Lawrence is the studio’s pick to direct Catching Fire:

Gary Ross Quits The Hunger Games 2

“Deadline told you last night it came down to Lawrence and Moneyball helmer Bennett Miller, after Juan Antonio Bayona couldn’t do it… Lionsgate wants to start production in late August, and wouldn’t do it (that’s the reason they lost Ross, who didn’t see a way to prep the picture in time).”

The site continues:

“So that left Lawrence, and rumors have been flying all day he’d get the gig. Lawrence last helmed Water For Elephants, and before that I Am Legend and Constantine and before that videos for the likes of Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Green Day.”

Are you looking forward to the Hunger Games sequel?