June 29, 2017
Is MTV Couple Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Of 'Teen Mom 2' Engaged? [Video]

MTV couple Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer will make their Teen Mom 2 debut in just two days, and ahead of the big premiere, fans are wondering if the MTV couple is newly engaged. On July 7, Mstarz questioned whether or not Houska and DeBoer secretly became engaged during filming of Season 6.

Although there hasn't yet been any announcement of the sort, the news of the possible engagement wouldn't have been made public ahead of the premiere because of Houska's MTV contract. In order to assure no storylines are spoiled, the network requires its talent to keep major news secret until it airs on the show.

The MTV couple may be keeping a possible engagement secret, but one thing they've been open with is their decision to move in together. Days ago, after nearly a year of dating, the MTV couple revealed they would soon be living together at Houska's home in South Dakota. In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Houska spoke of her boyfriend, revealing how great he is with her young daughter, Aubree.

"We will be [living together] soon — within a month. I have my own house, so he'll be moving in with me. [Aubree] loves Cole. Adam [Lind, Aubree's troubled father] is not a part of my life anymore. So Cole has taken on the parent role. He is so good with Aubree. I don't see my life without Cole."
As the Inquisitr previously reported, the MTV couple met last summer at a gas station. Although the two didn't talk at the time, DeBoer later found Houska on social media, and the rest of their story is history. In an interview with Us Weekly, Houska hinted she fell in love with DeBoer at first sight.

"My relationship with Cole is completely different than past relationships," Houska told MTV News earlier this month. "I've only had bad relationships — I mean, I've had one, really. And that was terrible. Everyone saw that play out."

"He's great with Aubree. Cole's relationship with Aubree is so amazing to me because she's never had like a positive male role model in her life. I mean, she's had her grandpa. But as a father figure, he completely stepped up to take on that responsibility — more than I ever could have even imagined."
For more of the MTV couple, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 6, when the series premieres on Thursday, July 9, at 9 p.m.

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