Michelle Williams, Jason Segel ‘Inseparable’ at First Public Date

Although they kept their budding relationship under wraps for a bit, Michelle Williams and boyfriend Jason Segel are now openly dating.

Segel was ‘caught’ with pics of Williams on his phone- cunning paps snapped the pics on the actor’s mobile device, and the pair were later spotted chilling around Michelle’s neighborhood in Brooklyn. More photogs captured the pair out at the park, where Segel watched Williams’ daughter with Heath Ledger, Matilda, as she scootered about. Awwwww.

During the week, Segel and Williams went on a real Hollywood date, to the premiere of Segel’s new film The Five Year Engagement in New York City. One showbiz spy spoke to Us Weekly about Michelle’s subtle appearance at the event, saying Segel seemed to be completely “on top of the world” and that “every actor in there was so enamored by the couple!”

According to the mole, Williams bypassed the brouhaha for her boyfriend’s party:

“Michelle didn’t do the red carpet but wanted to be there for Jason’s big night… She snuck in to sit in the theater during the screening, then they all went over to the after party together where they were hanging out with his co-star Emily Blunt and Robert De Niro.”


michelle williams jason segal

The spy continues:

“Michelle was really sweet but her usual shy self in crowds- she stayed close to Jason and only really engaged in conversation with people that she knew. Jason would put his arms around her waist and they gave each other a few sweet pecks- they definitely seemed to have a physical chemistry.”

The couple are still being quiet about their romance, and on the subject of Williams, Segel has simply stated the pair would “very much like to be happy.”