‘Seven Year Switch’: FYI Tests Switch Therapy In Husband, Wife Swap TV Show, Airing Tonight

Seven Year Switch: Switch Therapy is a controversial new TV show that will premiere tonight on the FYI Television Network. The Seven Year Switch, also known as Seven Year Switch, will introduce four married couples whose relationship has hit the skids. In a new innovative approach, the couples will switch partners for two weeks to test the strength of their marriage. The couples will also be required to sleep in the same bed.


The experiment will be overseen by marriage experts Dan Shapiro and Jessica Griffin, who will weigh in with their advice in order to help these troubled couples through the process. Seven Year Switch: Switch Therapy will air in eight episodes featuring childless couples: Danielle and Eric Wolf, Rachel Farris and CW McGee, Leah and Neal Carney, and Aleshia and Houston Osemwengie.

The show’s title is a play on the phrase “seven-year itch,” a term psychologists use to describe the decline of marriage after seven years. It also describes the tendency one has to cheat on their spouse after seven years. The term grew in popularity after the 1955 movie Seven Year Itch starring Marilyn Monroe debuted. The movie centered around a faithful husband whose limits are tested with the arrival of a beautiful neighbor.

The concept is a bit similar to the 2010 movie Immigration Tango starring Madonna’s ex, Carlos Leon. That movie focused on two couples who had to switch partners, so that the others could receive their green cards.

In one controversial study from the mid 1990s, a doctor stated that the seven year itch was very real, and that men desire a new partner every seven years. He based his study on interviews with over three thousand males — a study which angered many wives. In today’s times, according to the Daily Mail, relationships are lasting just under three years, citing social media as a major contributor.

As for Seven Year Switch, some viewers are outraged and won’t be watching the show, stating that it is “sinful” to switch marriage partners — even if it is for the purpose of therapy. Others say that this show is just plain ol’ wife swapping, a dangerous and immoral behavior that promotes the idea that adultery is OK and threatens the sanctity of marriage. For the rest, they believe that putting a nice looking wife in another man’s home is just asking for trouble, and that when the lights are out, humans are going to do what humans do naturally — mate! Here is what’s buzzing on social media.

“It just looks so wrong Lols.”

“hey are getting paid a LOT of money and obviously like being on TV for all the world to see.”

“wtf???what kind of show is this???”

“If you have to swap spouses to be happy in your marriage then you got a serious problem. Time for divorce.”

“Sounds stupid. Who thought up the idea that being with another Man/Woman is going to save a troubled marriage.”

Seven Year Switch: Switch Therapy promises to take the couples and the viewers on the emotional journey of their lives. It will anger some viewers. It will make others analyze their own relationships. Tune in tonight to FYI Television Network and judge for yourselves. Will “abstinence” make the heart grow fonder? Or will a night of passion spell doom for these couples?

FYI’s Seven Year Switch trailer and tease

“Our new love-experiment-show, ‪#‎SevenYearSwitch‬ starts tonight at 9/8c! But before the journey begins (10 mins precisely), you gotta check out our ‪#‎MarriedAtFirstSight‬ loves ‪#‎TeamDamie‬ & ‪#‎TeamJortney‬ as they try out a little marriage switch therapy of their own.”

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